John Edwards’ Former Mistress Rielle Hunter Broke and Depressed

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

John EdwardsJOHN Edwards‘ former mistress Rielle Hunter is broke, depressed and living like a recluse.

60-year-old Edwards has been secretly involved with 35-year-old medical worker Danielle King — and Rielle is in a bad way.

“Rielle has been wallowing in her own misery,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Rielle is lonely and says no one will hire her.

“But John cruelly told her he was done with her and that she needed to find another sucker to leach off. He’ll take care of their daughter, but he’s through putting up with her shenanigans.

“Rielle sobbed and threatened to do something drastic, but John didn’t buy it and just coldly walked away and back into the arms of his new girlfriend.

”Now Rielle barely gets out of bed and doesn’t shower for days.

“Still, John worries she has something up her sleeve and will attempt to derail his new lease on life.”



  • Anonymous

    She needs a vacation on the Outer Banks, not Wilmington.

  • Anonymous

    I hope this selfish woman doesn’t expect anyone to feel sorry for her. Lord knows she had no sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards while she was dying of cancer and Rielle was having the time of her life – banging her husband, jet-setting all over the country with his ATM card, and having his illegitimate child. I find it HILARIOUS that John Edwards is only giving her $60,000 a year for child support and to live off of. Doesn’t that snake-oil ambulance chaser own the biggest home in North Carolina – while his “precious Quinn” lives in a tiny rental home? Sounds like TWO AMERICAS to me! John and Rielle are total pigs!