George Clooney on Gay Rumors

Saturday, December 7, 2013

BAFTA Los Angeles 2013 Britannia Awards Presented by BBC America - ArrivalsGEORGE Clooney is amused by those pesky gay rumors that have dogged him for years.

The actor has learned to laugh off speculation about his sexuality because he doesn’t want to offend the gay community by making a public denial.

“[A headline read] ‘George Clooney’s gay-gay-gay.’ And I said, ‘I’m gay-gay. The third one’s pushing it.’ Well now, [according to the internet] I’m gay. You’re not going [to deny it] because that’s flat out insulting to the gay community,” he said.

George, 52, also joked about one memorable TV appearance when he was asked whether he had ever had plastic surgery and he replied he had once ironed his testicles.

”So now, long after I’m dead it’ll be, ‘George Clooney had his balls ironed’,” he said.



  • Fvkvkvkg

    Ask john Travolta he will corn hole him, and then tell him if he is gay or not

  • Amelia

    There is a very good reason he is dogged by those rumors. They are true! He says he doesn’t care and yet he brings it up constantly and he uses curse words to say he doesn’t care. He CARES! He is mad that his charade isn’t working with the beards. His ex wife knows he is gayyyyyyy.

  • Diandra

    Everybody knows that Randell Gerber is his boyfriend. Cindy is his beard.

  • Tracey

    Rock Hudson. enough said.