Paul Walker Charred Body in Car Wreckage Photos — View Them Online Here

Friday, December 13, 2013

EARLIER this month, exclusively published photos of Paul Walker‘s dead body in the car wreck.. Our new readers have emailed in saying they are struggling to go back through our archives and find them.. So we thought we’d publish them once again for their convenience! [imagebrowser id=1340]

Walker and pal Roger Rodas died on November 30 after a special-edition Porsche crashed into a light pole, two trees and a sign noting the street’s 45 m.p.h. speed limit.

The autopsy, which was completed last Tuesday, took longer than usual as the bodies were so badly burned. The coroner had to rely on dental records.

The autopsy revealed Paul died from combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries.

Rodas, died from multiple traumatic injuries.

Walker was cremated Thursday, reports RadarOnline.

Walker was transferred from the mortuary at Hollywood’s Forest Lawn Memorial Park to a crematory in Glendale, Calif., in preparation for the interment.

The burial — a very small, simple funeral with likely just relatives present — will take place Saturday.

“The family intends on dividing Paul’s ashes between an urn and keepsakes,” a source said.

Walker was on a break from filming the seventh installment of the action series Fast & Furious at the time of his passing.

Walker’s family this week said he would have wanted his footage to be included in the forthcoming film.

“They’ve made it known to Paul’s co-stars, that they don’t want him cut out of the movie. It wouldn’t be what Paul would have wanted,” said a source close to the family.

“Paul absolutely loved being a part of the Fast & Furious franchise. His family knows writers and producers will handle Paul’s death with dignity and understanding. Of course his family is focused on Paul’s upcoming funeral, and taking care of his teenage daughter, Meadow.”

Filming of the Fast & Furious 7 is expected to resume in late January or early February 2014.[imagebrowser id=1334]



  • ariel

    That is not his body! Photo shop. Dumb fucks. They took his body away before it was dark an the tow truck was there! And when his body was still in the car it was covered with a huge green blanket. Idiots these days I swear!

    • StrongIsland

      Not fake. Watch this video it shows same body at the 1:00 mark. This is 100% real this photo though is a little edited so you can see the body better. Watch this video.

    • mickeymouse

      Ariel, that is his body. Both of them are there. No disrespect, but you are wrong. The coroner didn’t even get there before it was dark.

    • Anonymous

      “Idiots these days I swear!”

      I know,right, you’re just as sick of your own stupidity as I am

  • ariel

    That is not his body! Photo shop. Dumb fucks. They took his body away before it was dark an the tow truck was there! And when his body was still in the car it was covered with a huge green blanket. Idiots these days I swear!

  • Sherrie

    Ummmm… That would be roads body anyway.. Not Paul’s… That’s the drivers side. Not the passenger…. And besides why the hell would you want to show this it’s disrespectful…. Ps the only reason I’m seeing this so called real photo is because of a warped idiot in my household!!!…. Get a grip you guys are crazy do you not remember that PAul walker has a 15 yr old daughter why would anyone in their right mind even want to post this even if they were real… Have some respect for the dead and their loved ones… Weirdo!!! This world is so twisted!!!

    • Anonymous

      Shut The fuck up you selfrighteous shit. You’re the warped minded one. Don’t look at it then.

    • ali

      you should have stopped your sentence at “Ummmm” because you clearly have no clue what you are talking about. The passenger side hit the tree, the driver side was towards the street, so the picture showing the Rodas (not roads) in blue, the console in green, and Paul in red is accurate. No one made you look at these photos, so stop judging those who have viewed it, because no matter how you got here, you looked at them just like we did. If that video above isn’t enough proof that these photos are real, then you must be either blind or retarded.

    • alex

      if the people that were viewing or wanting to see the body are twisted, then how the HELL did u even end up on this website article then?? for what purpose??? hmmmm

    • Roger

      You summed it up!!! That’s disrespectful in any manner. I think the person that took the photos should get a swift kick in the seat of the pants!!!!!!

  • Eric Martin

    R I P

  • Ash

    You sick twisted fuck.

  • Phil Rozzi

    They’re not sick or twisted for wanting to see this. When we have a deceased come in that was involved in some gruesome accident or suicide all the er doctors come out and take a look because they are curious to what it looks like. It’s not desrespectful because they’re dead and they don’t know if you’re “disrespecting” them. I like to take a peak myself especially when a hot girl comes in.

    -Deputy Phil Rozzi
    Cuyahoga sheriffs office

    • la duquesa

      Your a deputy at the cuyahoga sheriffs office ? Your so unprofessional!! That’s why you guys have such a bad rep. Instead of making comments about peaking dead body’s especially when a cute girl comes in do something like your damn job . dumb asses as yourself getting a thrill out of seeing how he looked like when he died. Why? Instead of being so interested in seeing a dead body why Dont you find the ones that are alive. Took you guys 10 years to even know Gina was alive cause you guys suck. All your good for is giving traffic tickets and talking shit to people. Lmao u guys r a joke

      • Pop

        Still mad about those tickets I see….idiot

  • Ariel

    Then thats rodas not paul. Paul was on the side near the tree. Passanger side.

  • Don

    The positioning of Paul’s body looks like his body in this video. You can see it starting at about 1:07

    • Melissa Martin

      I have a question and because emotion is so hard to convey through the web and people jump to conclusions let me say I’m truly asking. I’m not being “smart” or implying anyone is lying or wrong. In this video you can see one burned body but the head seems fairly in tact. Is that real because I’ve heard dental records were required to identify both Rodas and Walker.

      • Don

        This isn’t my video. Someone commented on Youtube that it is normal to remove the bodies and put them on the sidewalk and photograph them. The color of the car looks to be red. The face is pretty badly burned. I imagine they wanted to be sure of identity. Several years ago there was a mix-up on body identification at a crash scene in Indiana. One family was told their daughter died and they buried her. Another was told their daughter was alive but critical. They were really taking care of the “dead” girl. Keep in mind that it was a bad accident and they probably couldn’t see her face due to injuries and bandages. The coroner had identified victims and survivors based on looks from their recovered IDs.

      • Melissa Martin

        I remember that story. So awful for the family of the girl who was actually passed.

      • Don

        Actually the bodies were already on the sidewalk when they were still putting out the fire, if you look at the wreckage pics when the green blanket was on the bodies. I saw yellow foam on that body and in pics of the burnt out car.

      • Jess

        The autopsy couldn’t identify what hair color he had because it was gone. In that video it shows him having hair.

  • Roger

    I think we should all remember him how he wanted us to. Entertaining us and putting smiles on our faces. He will be remembered by all who liked his movies and the kind things he has done for others….. He will be remembered for ever…. R.I.P Paul walker

  • New York Car Accident lawyer

    I think for me I would just like to believe the impact of the accident had killed Paul Walker rather than to belive he suffered in a fire. I was a fan and for the sake of the family, and loved ones, anyone trying to sell the photos are sick and twisted. Let them grieve in peace. This is heartbreaking.

  • Sydney S.

    Excuse me if this is a stupid question, but if that is Paul’s body then why are a bunch of web sites reporting someone is trying to sell his death photos? What’s the point if this is already all over the internet?

  • DeLorean81

    I miss him.

  • Jess

    This photo is so fake. Read the autopsy report that was just released on how he was found. The report said he was in the supine position in the passenger seat. His body was in a pugilistic stance. Which is a boxers stance or the fetal position.

  • Shelly White

    I can’t tell if its real or not..

  • Shelly White

    I no thank its photo shoped

  • Shelly White

    This dang phone I ment to say I thank its photo shoped.

  • Jj