Barack Obama: ‘Everybody Hates Me’

Friday, December 13, 2013

President Barack Obama Delivers Remarks at Ellicott Dredges in Baltimore - May 17, 2013BARACK Obama is depressed!

The President is hardly eating or sleeping, hasn’t talked to First Lady Michelle Obama in weeks and is convinced everyone hates him!

“Barack is shattered that his presidency and his life are in free-fall,” says a source.

“He can’t believe the American public has turned on him so viciously, mainly because of the Obamacare disaster. No one has been able to help him.

“Michelle has tried everything she can to comfort him, but he just snaps, ‘Go away. Leave me alone’.

“Barack watches news reports, reads the papers and sees the shocking poll results – and he loses it.

“When he saw one report that his approval rating had plummeted to a staggeringly low 37 percent, he had a total meltdown.

“He buried his head in his hands, saying, ‘Everybody hates me.’ When he raised his head, his eyes were glistening with tears.

“He’s lost the confidence and affection of the public that he so desperately needs to go on with the hardest job in the world.”

A recent CBS poll said Barack has a lower job approval rating than Toronto Mayor Rob Ford– who admitted to smoking crack and is still five points HIGHER than Obama!

“That was the last straw for Barack,” says the insider. “He was mortified and humiliated.”



  • John Franklin White

    To be a leader one must have followers, and no one wants to follow a fool. Especially one that continually lies to the Public. We did not need a king, we needed a Man who could keep us out of stupid wars and put jobs as his first commitment to Americans.

    • cancanjody

      He doesn’t like America…..

      • believe

        And AMERICA DOESN”T LIKE HIM. that is on an even scale. of 100.He has to feel good that he recognized the truth,NO ONE BUT A FOOL WOULD LIKE ANY THING ABOUT HIM but the Marxist, communist, socialist which 70% of the senate really is. and 40% of Congress.. so you see he has a few followers are it could be he follows them, either way we have some cleaning up to do in the WHITE HOUSE. TRASH REMOVAL TIME.
        All the people that came on board with him has to be sweep out the back door.

  • Junior Samples

    Ted Cruz/Sarah Palin 2016

    • Chuck Burns

      I could support that ticket

  • Anonymous

    Nobody likes a liar.. If you can’t believe him, then you won’t listen to him, finally, you turn away.. I HOPE he’ll CHANGE, but I don’t think so..

    • believe

      Change? into what, get the book his half brother wrote about him, he made one statement that Barack has been a liar all his life .

  • JoeThePimpernel

    It’s because you haven’t shoved enough Communism down their throats yet, Barry.

    Double-down again. That’s the ticket!

  • Rufus

    The long term effects of cocaine abuse is severe depression.
    Add being married to a female (not really sure what species it is) and being in love with Reggie.

  • the daily smug

    Hi I’m Joe Biden and I’m too stupid to get depressed. Vote for me 2016!

  • Anonymous

    Typical liberal with the emotional mentality of a 12 year old … cry me a river bitch

  • J Riesbeck

    Please, I saw the selfie photo expose……..laughing, mucking it up at a funeral… way is theWon depressed.

    • NC Conservative

      He is just trying to get sympathy hoping his numbers will go back up.

      • believe

        Now some one hit it on the head, he does this all the time crying poor me to get sympathy? no one gives a dam about his fake tears.
        Thanks J Reisbeck smart person for recognizing it.

  • nope-don’t want an IRS audit

    It’s about time he got something right!

  • ML NJ

    Well, he’s right about me.

    • NC Conservative

      Everyone except the mentally ill lib-tards loath him.

  • shannondede

    Poor Obama. How sad that we now have to learn that in addition to all the other horrible qualities this goon has, is also an insecure, whining 12 year old girl with a wounded ego and suffers from “no one likes me syndrome”. I hope this article is true and every night to know he goes to bed crying actually comforts me. Just proves he is no more of a man than I even thought. Ha ha ha.

    • NC Conservative

      Well said!

  • Jason Lewis

    Awww diddums. The poor, poor soul. I wonder how many tears were shed by the families of the Bengazi victims this monster let die. Or the families of the Fort Hood victims. How many people, children included, were murdered by his beloved muslim brotherhood in Egypt? Or by the Syrian rebels he supports. When people, real people, shed tears, they do it for reasons other than people they don’t even know despising them. Screw you, Obama. And the winged horse you flew in on

  • Anonymous

    At least he got Bin Laden.

  • Elmo

    If obama actually said word for word “everybody hates me” then that would be the only truth he’s ever told.

  • believe

    Well; he isn’t wrong about that there are more people that hate him and have NO respect for his and his Lies and deceptive actions.
    Truthfully I am surprised he is still alive.
    He has offended the American people and is a TOTAL disgrace to the office he should not be in under the truth of him not being qualified in NO respect..
    I don’t see him giving in but I see him and Michelle being Thrown out of the White House, she is as big of a liar as he is.
    she not going to leave him that is all a hoax, she is in it for the money, and who do they think Really believes those are there biological children??
    Get real he is a known Homosexual and that has been proven so why all the pretense??

  • American McGee

    LOL! We love you President Obama. America loves you! The terrorists that euphemistically call themselves ‘conservatives’, I’d love to see their point of view but its too much trouble to get my head into my rear end.

    My demands:

    I don’t want free health care, but I DO want affordable health care
    I don’t want money for nothing, but I DO want the opportunity for a good job
    I don’t want for businesses to be unprofitable, but I DO them out of the regulatory and political process
    I don’t want the wealthiest Americans to pay for everything, but I DO want them to pay their fair share

    You’ve done your best to deliver against insurmountable odds and we love you for it.

    And here’s to the conservative terrorists. America re-elected Obama, cry us a river.

    We know what you’ve been doing.
    We know you’ve been sabotaging the economy since Obama took office.
    We know you’ve continued to do so in the second term.
    We know you’ve been cheating, lying and abusing the filibuster to block any effort to jumpstart the economy and create more jobs.

    You should know that we’re ON TO YOU and will be sending all of you packing in 2014.

    Signed –

    The American People