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Johnny Depp Hating Gwyneth Paltow!

Posted by Adam

"Lone Ranger" Berlin Premiere - ArrivalsJOHNNY Depp hates Gwyneth Paltrow!

The actress is apparently driving her Mortdecai costar Depp mad with her incessant “advice”.

“Gwyneth is such a know-it-all, she badgers him about everything from what he should be eating to where he should travel,” a source said.

“It’s very bizarre how pushy she is with him. She literally follows him about like a walking, talking Goop post.

“Johnny tries to avoid socializing with her at all costs because he’s so annoyed by her. But Gwyneth doesn’t have a clue and thinks he loves their ‘conversations’.”

Previous reports claimed Depp and Ewan McGregor — who also stars in the film — speak French when Paltrow was present.

“In the mornings, when they greet each other, they hug, kiss, and speak French,” said a spy.

“But Gwyneth doesn’t speak French so is left out of it.”

Johnny and Ewan learned French from their other halves. Johnny’s ex, Vanessa Paradis, is from Paris, and Ewan’s wife, Eve, is a French production designer.

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  • Elizabeth

    Riiight. Because the previous report was oh so accurate, what with Gwyneth actually being able to speak French. I doubt this is true either.

  • Avmir

    And the source is?

  • clint

    this report is such a BS like everything you can read about Gwyneth these days. and she speaks French.

  • Elizabeth L

    Didn’t she get treatment for being a sex addict? Well maybe he avoids her for different reasons all together.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t lie to the people…Johnny is a gentleman !