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Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell Leaned on Paul Walker’s Family at Funeral

Posted by Adam

"Fast & Furious 6" World Premiere - ArrivalsPAUL Walker‘s grieving girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell leaned on the actor’s family during his funeral this past weekend.

A private ceremony was held at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills for Fast and Furious star Walker, whose ashes were interred there.

Fast and Furious stars including Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez attended to mourn their co-star and friend, while the family laid Paul in his final resting place.

“The funeral was only attended by those who knew Paul personally. It was very private and was more of a celebration of his life than anything,” a source said.

“Nonetheless, everyone was in tears and his girlfriend stayed with his family the whole time. His family and cast members were there, along with those who worked closely with Paul on his many projects and considered him to be a friend.

“Afterwards, his mother had a small reception that was attended by just his immediate family and a few costars from The Fast and The Furious.”

A source previously revealed that not only did Paul and Jasmine plan to tie the knot, they’d also discussed starting a family together.

Paul raised daughter Meadow with former flame Rebecca McBrain. At the time of his death, Meadow was living with her Dad in Los Angeles.

“Paul loved being a dad,” a source said. “Meadow was his whole life. He and Jasmine had talked about starting a family together after getting married.

“Meadow had always wanted a little brother or sister. It’s so sad.”

As previously reported, Paul and Jasmine discussed tying the knot.

“Family was everything to Paul,” a source said.

“He had his daughter, Meadow, living with him and his relationship with Jasmine was solid. He was planning to make an honest woman out of her.

“He had been looking at rings. He wanted to marry her.”[imagebrowser id=1334]

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  • Sandra Young

    I don’t like stories like this for the simple fact that the decedent can not make a rebuttal to either deny or affirm the rumors. I find it hard to believe that he was planning on marrying this girl.

    • Guest

      Why is it that all of this recent information from “sources” regarding marriage, engagement, children, etc. have come thru Showbiz Spy and no other web site? Sounds like Jasmine’s “sources” are planting these stories. The general consensus is that they have been broken up for years. His family never even mentioned her after his death, despite all of the interviews that Paul Sr. gave. I think the whole thing was BS.

      • devilschild

        I think she is an innocent victim in all the articles that have included her name. I think even less now of the media after how she has been treated during the most difficult time of her life.

  • shannondede

    I just read the article on Showbizspy releasing their Death Certificates.
    I noted that a Deputy Coroner of LA County CA named, Evonne D. Reed Signed them both and when I performed a thorough search of that name associated with the Coroner’s office, I couldn’t find one piece of information that led me to think that she was even employed anywhere in the California state government. Also a note worthy finding was on the county’s webpage, they had a “web store’ where anyone could purchase a Deputy Coroners Badge, Lapel Pin and other “Legal” appearing ID’s and even supplies like a coroners body bag just like the one used in their body removal. This is mind boggling and I hope someone does some further investigating. I am disturbed now and had to give it a break. Someone please prove me wrong.

    • Denise

      Shannon, I looked her up too and I found the following:
      Looks like she is a legitimate coroner?

      • shannondede

        Thank You for your research. I couldn’t find anything. This at least confirms she apparently is there. I just thought they would have assigned a Top Gun on this case. Thanks.

  • Dave

    Why is it so hard to believe Paul was with jasmine, she attended the private funeral , they were pictured together in July watching a premiere and picture watching a sporting event in October, is it just possible they were a private couple!!!

    • Guest

      Not sure where you saw recent pics of them together as the last ones I have seen posted were from 2009 or 2010. I don’t think they were together because in every article he states that Meadow is the love his his life and his entire focus is on her. He also stated that he was single. Finally, I know someone whom he has dated during their supposed time together. I hate to speak ill of the dead, but this guy was a player, plain & simple.

      • Liz

        Errr the date!!

      • Guest

        Look at the date on the marquee. It says Saturday, June 13th. June 13th of 2013 was on a Thursday, so who knows what year this pic was from.

      • devilschild


      • KAGE

        it just says June 13 ? it was taken in 2009, there are no recent pics of this jasmine with PW at his funeral and she seems like a very sad delusional girl if she is spreading these false stories around?

      • Jj

        I agree yeah he was a player. Lol a few years back I read one of his interviews when he was discussing the relationship with meadows mom. Basically he stated that he wasn’t ready to settle down with her even thou he had gotten her pregnant and that he was sleeping with her friends. Lmao I mean think about it he was a very nice looking man out the gate them he became a rich handsome famous young man who was exposed to many many of women and then him and wild ass tyrese became good friends. These type of men you don’t date. It’s ok to hang out talk crap with them but far as a serious relationship you can forget it because you will always be crying.

  • Jane

    Why the secrecy with Jasmine? All the photos together they looked really happy and a good looking couple, although I do confess I did think it was his daughter when I first saw a pic of them together. Its nice she has remained dignified over the years when she could have chosen to do the opposite after one of their break-ups. The girl must be heartbroken to have lost Paul. I feel massively upset myself and never even knew the guy. God truly does taken the best Paul. RIP Beautiful man

  • Marie

    They seemed to be happy. Even if he wanted to marry her or not ..LOVE was the main factor, and thats all that matters. To lose the love of your life is hard. I know this by experience. It will seem like years to heal when only a week has passed. She will feel incomplete for a while, she will be searching for him in crowds not realizing the reality of it all. smh May god be with his family, especially his daughter! To be absent from the body is to be present with the lord. Amen.

  • John Gregorio Wood II

    I hope Jasmine will move on. I’m sure Paul would want to see her happy whatever she’ll decide to do someday.

  • pickaboo

    I believe in their love and relationship becouse they’ve started their relationship when she was only 16 and he was 33 yrs old.He was already an adult person,and she became an adult growing up by his side.He kept her out of his famous world just to protect her and himself by this cruel world,they knew they’re gonna be judged by the age difference.Men love when they have someone with who they share some of them first expirience,when they try something new or do things that takes a risk.I;m pretty sure that their love was for no matter about their break -ups,he just didn’t want to share his private life,love life with the rest of the world.And its normal to talk about his daughter,everyone knew he has a daughter,and for every parent his child is the most important thing in the world.DOn’t judge him for anything else couse everyone of us try something new every single day,i’m sure you have cheated on someone or you’ve been cheated,but we aren’t saints,we are here to experience what life gives to us and who knows…thats a destiny,you get those voices in your head that sometimes are good and sometimes they are not.
    Whats important is to be a good person,non-selfish person,a person who has a soul and he had it obviouslly.

  • shannondede

    In some of her earlier Photos, she looks like the girl Leelee Lobinski (SP) from Paul’s earlier Movie, “JoyRide”. The one he was dating in the movie. Just an observation. As she aged, she looks ragged out and in the video, she isn’t wearing any shoes and is seen laughing and pulling a fast tear swoop across her face when she notices the camera’s are on her. Still laughing however. Didn’t seem all that broken up to me. In too many photos of these people’s lives, it appears they are just common everyday classless, TRASH.

  • KAGE

    because they had split up after PW found out Jasmine lied about her young age and then PW dumped her in 2011? plus there are no recent pictures of jasmine at PW funeral which proves she did not attend, people need to stop spreading false stories about this false relationship?

    • Jj

      She wasn’t the first young lady he dated at 16. He dated anonther young lady also when she was 16. He was a private person who kept his private life out of the media.

  • KAGE

    this jasmine seems like a very sad delusional girl if she is reporting false stories about PW to the press, plus there were no recent pics of her at PW funeral which proves she did not attend unless someone can find a picture of her there?

  • nasti

    It´s just a lie!!! She wasn´t there! They were not more a couple 3 years ago!

  • Allen Sykes

    Yeah, but he did not take her to his brothers’s wedding, brought some other woman instead, and was dating other women, and there are sources that say he was single and she was an ex girlfriend at the time of his death. Plus he dated another 16 year old abrianna atwell. Something just doesn’t add up..