Angelina Jolie: Frightening Collapse on Movie Set

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5th Annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Governors Awards - ArrivalsANGELINA Jolie isn’t well.

The actress apparently suffered a frightening collapse on her Australian film set!

Sources say Jolie, 38, crumbled to the ground while directing the World War II-era drama Unbroken.

Terrified crew and cast members rushed to Angelina’s side, fearing she’d actually died. But she brushed off their concerns and re­sumed working.

“Angelina’s been putting herself through the wringer, and it’s taken a severe physical toll on her body,” said a source.

“She’s been working around the clock – directing at least nine to 12 hours a day and looking after her kids.

“She’s dropped to a skeletal 93 pounds, and being so thin can place a tremendous amount of pressure on the heart. Angelina could easily suffer a heart attack and die!

“When Angelina dropped to the ground, some of the cast and crew weren’t sure what was going on,. At first, they thought she was play-acting. Then, they rushed to her side, believing she was seriously ill – or worse, dead!

“She was sickly pale and gasping for air. But Angie refused to be taken to the hospital. After she composed herself, she assured everyone she was fine and went right back to work.

“Angelina put on a brave face, even though she was dead tired.

“She especially didn’t want to share her physical problems with Brad because she knew he’d be worried sick.

“Angelina put on a brave face, even though she was dead tired.

“She especially didn’t want to share her physical problems with Brad because she knew he’d be worried sick.

“Brad now plans to rush back to Australia as soon as his film ‘Fury’ wraps in England.”[imagebrowser id=1326]



    Botox could be better with her money.

  • neil adlington

    I always get the same reaction when I read these pieces; Oh f*ck off!

  • jilly

    Hang in there Angie, Brad will come and help you one of these years! Once an asshole, always an asshole….

  • Mandy

    Another bullshit story. If she were really sick she would be in a hospital.
    Brad is working and so is she. So what?

    • jilly

      She is not sick, she passed out. That could be because of starvation and exhaustion.

  • AussieOnSet

    Oh please, she has been showing actor’s exactly what she would like their reactions to be in certain scenes… we have already witnessed this in the photos the News carries them.She is the Director after all. People love to twist crap up. She is a hands on Director. Sometimes. especially since she is an actress herself,she can make a point as the director by teaching how realistic a scene should be. This a true story and I believe she will go great lengths to make it the best possible story of this hero’s life.
    Someone really took that lesson out of context and tried to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  • Brad

    Angelina Jolie is well.

    • jilly

      Oh wait, don’t die, Brad will come to you as soon as he finishes the WWZ that he’s been doing for the past five years! Another incredibly shitty movie from Brad…

      • jilly

        Oops, he finished that shitty movie a long time ago, then where is he??? Oh, it’s another lame war movie from Pitt that’s keeping him away from the HO!

  • giggy

    93 pounds is not a body of a healthy woman.

  • Mike

    Happy birthday to you!