Paul Walker Burnt Corpse Photos Are up For Sale to Highest Bidders

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1340] PAUL Walker‘s family are being dealt another blow — someone who was at the accident scene is trying to sell photos of Walker’s disfigured corpse.

The actor died on November 30 after an horrific car accident where Paul and the driver, Roger Rodas, burned to death.

“The image is truly horrifying,” a source who saw the photo tells Globe magazine. “The picture … shows the bodies of the two victims [Walker and friend Roger Rodas] — and makes sure you can’t miss them by outlining the corpses in color!

“It shows the inside of the Porsche after it was ravaged by fire.

“The bodies are severely burned and can be clearly seen lying inside the vehicle. Walker’s body is still fairly intact. He has fallen backwards and his arms are spread apart. He is completely burned. No more clothes on his body.”

Rodas, meanwhile, is “badly burned” as well, the source says. “Just his upper body can be seen.”

“It’s outrageous to think that the Walker or Rodas family could be surfing the internet and click on these pictures and see their relatives like this.”


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  • Newbridge

    isn’t it already what is shown? (up this very same page).

  • ellenj49

    Your terrible for putting the pic up. Your site should be ashamed! His poor family. You are disgusting!

    • Anonymous

      Just face reality , never mind the tears. At least he will never grow old. There are only two ways to stay young forever. one way is to outsmart God ,and the other way is to die young. So personally i settle for just trying to grow old.

    • Anonymous

      You looked at. That’s why they post stuff like this because everyone wants to say they are outraged but then they want go look at the photo.

  • MD

    Adam you are a piece of shit for posting this.

    • JJ

      And your a piece of shit for reading this article.

      • Anonymous

        And Paul Walker and Roger Rodas are also a piece of shit for wreaking a nice car.

      • Jj

        Shut the fuck up!! Don’t ever respond to me again. I was talking to MD.

      • VIKASH

        Mr. bongorock i am thinking if u r more worst or the person who took these pics or this website…..Bongorock going through all ur crap u have written it seems u r just like any other shithead who do nothing with their lives except critisizing all, Man i hope ur parents didn’t taught u sum kind of manners what and when to say…..That’s the reason this world is cursed by ur kind of people, u r alive coz God doesn’t need people like u to make his place of eternity into hell…God help u bro

      • Elmo

        I second that notion. I don’t know what walker was like, but he has a daughter, girlfriend, and family who will have to live on an earth where these pics are out for all to see forever. I mean seriously, what if his daughter sees these and has a mental breakdown? The fact that there are so many people out there who think otherwise is proof that our way too politically correct society has prevented natural selection from doing its job.

      • Anonymous

        And to think that somone had a go at me because my spelling was bad.

      • chanelle

        You really a weirdo for worrying about the dumb ass car more than actual human beings

  • Personwithaheart

    What the f**k is wrong with you? Have a heart he had a child, a girlfriend, and a family who will probably see this.

    • Anonymous

      Paul should have thought about his child, and his girlfriend ,and his family himself, before he decided to get behind the weel of a sports car and speed like a maniac on a public road. Had he hit another car car ,There might be others with children ,cirlfrieds and family to be concerned about. No symphaty for idiots.

      • Edie

        Paul wasn’t driving bongorocks!

      • Anonymous

        Then why are some people shedding their tears for Paul only,.? Did the driver survive? If not who was he, or she.?

      • Edie

        Guess you never been a passenger in a car before.

      • SM

        You have NO idea what happened inside that car. Have some respect, at least for the families.

      • David

        Get your facts straight..going by other comments you have made on this post you are rather callous and insensitive and I wonder how you would like the possibility of seeing one of your loved ones in a photo like the ones above..might change your negative attitude..spell check is your friend..might want to use it next time you post

      • Anonymous

        Have you seen three inocent children mingled to death along with their parents in a car smash because of an idiotic hoon, ? Well i have, and the bloody hoon survived. There are thousands of people who are killed each year on the roads by idiots .Maybe Paul wasn’t driving but the result could have been much worse if they hit another car head on witrh a family in it.
        Just consider Paul walker, and his driver as just another two road fatality victims,among hundreds of others for the year 2013. Just because Paul Walker was a famous movie star he doesn’t get spesial privlages in a car crash.

      • Edie

        No one knew who Roger was. But people have spread their sadness that he lost his life too. Paul is well known and in the public eye. Have you heard of Roger before he died? No you didn’t. All we know that Paul and Roger were really close friends almost like brothers.

      • Anonymous


        actually Roger was very well known in racing as well as financial circles no he’s not a movie star however, “According to a story in Wealth Management, his Rodas Group company were very well known in financial circles in California, largely through an enduring relationship with the investment firm Merrill Lynch.
        According to his biography, he was “instrumental in developing waste to energy power plants and wind farms in Central America,” and he was also owner of Cielo Recycling, a Central American recycling plant. He was ranked by Barron’s three years in a row as one of America’s top financial advisers.”

        Rodas was an accomplished racer and was Walker’s business partner and manager.

      • Edie

        Thanks for being so passionate in trying to correct me. You may have known who Roger was but others don’t. I didn’t know who he was till he died. Even after all I knew was that he was a close friend of Paul and his business partner…that’s it. I don’t keep up with racing. Yes if I was into racing and other stuff he was involved in then I probably would have known who he was. Thanks for telling me and those who don’t more about Roger about what he is known for. Have a good day

      • Anonymous

        Maybe my spelling isn’t the best ,but my driving and riding sure are. I’m still alive.

      • Mary

        How tragic that your still alive!!!!

      • Elmo

        I agree. How tragic that ANYONE who supports these photo is being out on public is still alive.

      • M

        Go back to your drug den loser.

      • Anonymous

        I’d rather not .I might have a car accident.

      • Anonymous

        He didn’t hit another car moron, nor was there any proof that he was speeding. Officials are still investigating what happened and trying to determine if it was a malfunction.

      • Anonymous

        By the looks pof the car, they wern’t driving in second gear either .

      • tara

        he wasnt driving assmunch.

  • bellaboo

    Will not even are a disgusting parasite to ever show these photos and you are well aware his family and loved ones could see these..shame on you, its a shame people like you exist and a great guy like Paul is gone

    • Anonymous

      Great guy like Paul is Gone . what nonsens. he was just a hoon .are you another hoon?

      • bellaboo

        Hoon? I guess I don’t speak your language bongo..I chose to be educated..and yes a great guy is gone..a guy that was giving and kind and had alot to live for..sure would love that kind of person in the world rather than bitter, coldhearted folks like you

      • CAROL ANN

        SHUT UP!

      • Anonymous

        And you stop crying.

      • Ava

        Seriously shut up !! Why must you respond to everybody on here? Get a life!!

      • Anonymous

        You are the one reading all his comments, get a life girl. This is internet he can say and do what he wants you are not the internet police, find a real job loser.

      • SM

        …and you’re the only person thumbing up his comments. YOU find a real job, moron.

      • Edie

        He helped people in natural disasters and help rebuild their homes, WHat have you done with your life?

      • Anonymous

        Well woopy do. There are two main reasons most likley that famouse and filty rich people help others by giving out a lot of cash to help whoever, . One reason is that if they don’t they will have to pay a lot of tax on their massieve earnings, , and if they do they save a lot of tax by claiming that money back on their tax return. Second reason is, because it makes them a lot more popular, Which is what they need for their occupation and success.
        And as far as I’M concerned what i do with my life, is work, and pay a bloody lot of tax. So the bloody government will be able to afford to pay the dole bludgers and support the people smugglers illegal cargo.

      • Edie

        So you think he only did it just to get a tax write off? Like nice, helpful people who give a damn out the lives of others don’t exists? Shit If I was rich I would help out a lot more financially but since I cant, I volunteer either way to help others.

      • Anonymous

        If you knew that he helped people to recover from a disaster, so did many others, In A disaster many good people help the victims to recover, but they keep it to themselves not publisise it.
        What i’m really saying is ,that unless a rich person is religouse ,They will use their generosity to boost up their popularity, and get a big tax deduction as well. But there are also many rich un-religouse people who help in a big way but they help and give in silence.
        In the last Australian ellection, Clive Palmer got heaps of publicity about how much money he spent to win a seat in parlament,. But in fact Clive Palmer would have made money instead ,because all those millions he spent are tax deductable. Plus now his power and influence have increased dramaticaly .
        The big problem is, that the more money the rich people save on their tax. The more tax we have to pay.

      • sherrie

        hi edie,what side of the car is the body on it looks like the drivers side seeing as where the fire truck is parked! and if that is the drivers side then wouldnt that be rodas remains not pauls.. and where do they see 2 bodies I only see one!! are these real photos i was told they were fake!! either way my son was looking at the photos and said mom look someone really did take photos of the remains… i was just flabbergasted… if these are real photos I feel so bad for the families.. and it breaks my heart that persons died so tragicly!! the reports had said paul was still alive as the fire roared… oh my thats horrific…. im just in a daze on why folks would even post the pic’s but thats todays mankind… no shame or respect…anyway was just wondering… have a Blessed New Year

      • Edie

        Thanks Sherri Happy New Year too you as well. They say the one with the whole body is Paul. I don’t know where Roger is even with the outline. I think its sick that people would post this on the internet period. I couldn’t imagine losing a family member mainly a parent and pictures of their body are posted. Its disrespectful. Honestly not sure how legit this picture is. There was a picture post that people said was Paul but it was because the guy face wasn’t burn. Looking at picture I was still trying to see which part is the front. I feel for the family of both Paul and Roger.

      • SM

        Obviously you’re malevolent trash who has no understanding of what virtue is, otherwise you wouldn’t be judging the seemingly good actions of someone who’s no longer here to defend himself. Mind you, his philanthropy is being recognized AFTER his death, meaning he did this purely out of humanity and not for fame.

      • Anonymous

        PHlanthropy is a good thing. Buy it is still tax deductable and also very good publicity, Face the facts if you are brave enough, and if you are not brave enough then keep yoiur head hidden in the sand.

    • Anonymous

      Sure you didn’t. lol

  • shannondede

    How could the fire do so much damage? I mean it was reported the fire truck was on scene within 4 minutes and supposedly guys were there with many fire extinguisher’s until then. I mean, the fire should have only been a few minutes at best and I can’t imagine how it almost completely consumed them. I have seen recent pictures of people who burned much longer and in worse conditions that were not in such condition. Almost Nothing left of Roger Rodas. Sorry for their Families to see this kind of stuff online. There should be a line of common decency.

    • Sarah

      Intensity of a fireball can completely consume..every situation is different so can’t really compare one to the is a horrific way to die and I pray for them both and for their loved ones who not only have to deal with the horrible loss and the way they died and are now subjected to having these pictures online for the world to see..truly awful and sad

      • shannondede

        Yes I do agree. Just human nature to try to make sense of something so senseless and to understand the wrath of such an accident.

  • life

    not cool

  • Lisa

    I can only comment as I can’t bear to look at the photos because there are things you can never un-see and I would like you to know you are bloody disgraceful for posting these photos..I think of Paul Walker’s teenage daughter and Roger Rodas’s 8 year old son..face it kids go online and can you even imagine what it would be like to see your father publicly invaded like this and to see the utter horror of what happened to someone you loved and likely idolized?? Not to mention the parents, siblings and loved ones who really knew these men, for the fans and public, we did not know them the way their families did and I cannot even grasp how invasive and gut wrenching this must be for them..have some dignity (and give Paul Walker and Roger Rodas THAT at least) and take these photos down.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if more pictures like this one are shown ,they might save others from ending up the same way as Paul Walker.
    It seems that no other warnnings are working since many wreakless people keep ending up the same way as Paul. Maybe If Tac showed more gutts and showed more pictures of reality to the public in their road saftey ads, instead of just imaginations. They might start to get somwhere with some of the tickeads out there.

    • devilschild

      Well…apparently your heart was removed from your body at some point. Is there by chance a video of the surgery on the internet?

      • Sexy

        He was born without a heart.

      • Anonymous

        So, If you have a heart then why don’t you show the same emotions towards all those other hundreds of people who are killed each year on the roads. considering most of those people are innocent children. Killed by idiotic hoons with some drug problem or another while driving. Not to mention the real unlucky ones who have been maimed for life. What so spesial about bloody Paul Walker .?Sorry , but I’m not like you are .I’m not a respector of persons. As far as I’m concerned everybody are equal.

      • devilschild

        I carry the same emotion for anyone who dies regardless of the circumstances. You on the other hand…click on sites just to bash the dead. Have a heart at least until we know what actually caused the accident.

      • Anonymous

        You are learnning because you are repeating my comment,but with a slightly different spin.

      • devilschild

        oh I see…well Merry Christmas then and a Happy New Year.

      • Marie

        Go away and shut up!

  • Kitty

    Everyone loves Paul Walker especially me.
    I didn’t even get the chance to meet him{probably I’m not the only one} and y’all want to display shit like this? What the fuck, let him rip and privacy.

  • Royce Reynolds

    He looks like ground beef lol

    • Anonymous

      Tryin to act tough with yr faggot Jason mask on and your ground beef comment?.. I’ll gladly ground n pound yr bitch ass anytime for your disrespectful comment.. Tell me when and where u fkn tool n bring some money.

  • Matt

    Before you judge remember you indeed looked at this picture too. So who is the sick one?

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t look. didn’t even know what it was until I saw the comments. So you’re the sick one. Stop trying to make yourself feel better or normal because you looked at it willingly. It’s sick!

  • Anonymous

    I take it that all of those emotional comments about Paul Walker , are from hoons .But what about the other hoon Roger Rodas the driver {that nobody seems to be concerned about} ?

    • Anonymous

      What the hell is a “hoon” ? Is English your second language or something?

  • zainfazal3000

    These are fake.

  • Charlie Cross

    Your article has the audacity to try and berate the people seeking out money for this photo and yet you show both the color outline and the one without, on separate pages? As advertisements take up at least 60% the same page? You’re malware now and I’ll do my best to get the word out.

    @bongorocks shut up and stop fooling yourself into thinking you’re superior in your alternate reality, where your insensitivity parades as intellect. You’re a tool and seem to genuinely think putting people down who are commenting against a high bullshit factor, Angelfire article, are somehow overreacting.

    This article is contradictory with itself and obviously a cash grab. The picture shouldn’t be up. But Bongorocks you try and cover yourself and say that you hope this picture helps people understand the dangers of reckless driving? You’re an idiot at best but at worst a sheep. I hope your rant on this page was a result of a drunken night. If not man, shit you’re fucking dumb.

    • Anonymous

      Good comment.. I want to smash bongos face and Royce Reynolds! Both bitches

      • Anonymous

        Mate ,If you think that you can smash Bono’s face you better be good.

  • Anonymous

    Hey bongorocks… You’re a fkn idiot…u don’t justify the death of these 2 great men because of the fatalities of others. Your reasoning is ignorant and you’re truly a dumbass. Yeah speeding at 100mph on a public road was not a great call, but u have no right to judge as I’m sure you’re nowhere close to
    Perfect. I’d bitchslap u rt now if u were n front of me. Yeah they were speeding! No cars around! No one was killed except them. So quit using others to strengthen your argument. Piece of shit for wrecking a nice car?? These were 2 great dads who were raising money for victims of a typhoon while your dumbass was prob being a keyboard warrior on another site. You’re the hoon u fkn tool! The jujitsu community welcomes u… Paragon welcomes u!!

    • Anonymous

      Blaa, Blaa, Blaa..You sound crazy.

  • Anonymous

    And Adam…. You’re a fkn piece of shit! I’d like to bust u upside your head u dumb muthafkr…

    • Anonymous

      If you’re afraid of dying you will die,and if you’re not afraid of dying you are still going to die. so just face it, we are all going to die some sooner than others thats all.It’s only a matter of time. Paul and his mate decided to go sooner ,good on them .

  • Anonymous

    Everyone acting outraged you know you looked at the picture and were curious so just shut up. This is why they post this stuff because we go and look and want to see it. You can’t even really see anything. Maybe this will help kids that what to speed and think it’s cool.

    • Anonymous

      Actually I didn’t look. I ignored the picture initially because I didn’t know what it was until I read the comments. I refuse to scroll up and look at it. I don’t need or want to. YOU may want to see shit like this, and you try to justify it within yourself by saying so does everyone else… but guess what? You’re simply a freakshow. And on top of it, you would want children to see this. Sick.

  • Elmo

    Are you shitting me?

  • Anonymous

    I scrolled past the initial picture thinking it was just another pic of the burnt car. After reading the comments and realizing that’s one of the pictures the article is talking about, I actually feel a little nauseous.

    WTF is wrong with everybody? Why would someone who isn’t a medical examiner even want to take a picture like this? Let alone SELL it. let alone put it up on the internet. Our society is going further and further down hill and our heads are too far up our own asses to see. It’s not just Walker and Rodas who are disrespected, but their families and loved ones as well. Loved ones who are still here and effected by this shit. And what’s fucked up is how often we do this to our fellow human.

    You can go to a number of websites and see all kinds of horrific things that have happened to people. I’ll admit as a child I was curious about certain things. I grew up in the Rotten dot com era. But as an adult, the site of murder videos, beheadings, accidents and the like make me sick to my stomach. Not because of the gory nature, but because as people we are objectifying and entertained by the death of another human being.

    We spread these videos and pictures like a virus, we laugh and make jokes. We never take into consideration that what we are witnessing is the end of someone’s LIFE. They don’t get up and walk away, no director calls cut, there’s no reset button… that’s it. Instead of respecting death and the lives of these people, we mock and laugh and jeer.

    The human race is poison on this planet. We should all be ashamed.

  • Helen

    Bongorocks ,shut the xxxx up you dont know what your talking about at least Paul did a lot of good work in his life , so have you done anything like he has done like charity work bet you havent

  • mrsfebuary1983

    this makes me sad :’( i wish i didnt look at this but my friend sent me a link i didnt no what i was going to see sad a goodlooking man had to die that way and not by his own fault makes it worst i was in shock whaen i read that he had died i still kinda feel that way

  • Dustie

    Only goes to show humans hardly have respect for anything. How is one supposed to live in this world overrun by evil…

  • boogabooga

    I buy all de pictures if it shows him burned up real crisp. How much you want for dem?

  • Carl Denham

    Leave bongorocks alone.He is just another piece of shit who is envious of the rich. Do you(bongorocks) think that Paul(RIP) just bloody recieved money in charity. Or that he too send hours working to entertain A-holes like you who ,forget respectful,go on to insult him.Shame on you,he was going to the charity event to raise money for the victims of the calamity,while you were getting sittin on your worthless ass getting high. Hard to imagine idiots like you live in this world>>

  • Carl Denham

    You keep on ranting about how you are sympathetic towards victims of road accidents. Don’t you think that Paul is another? Just because he is famous does not give you the right to trash him. Why don’t you pay your respects to him and just leave him alone instead of insulting his memories.Or rather if you do not care for him…..PISS OFF.