Paul Walker and Vin Diesel: Feud Revealed!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1334] PAUL Walker‘s feud with his Fast and Furious costar Vin Diesel is finally being revealed!

On screen, Walker — who died on November 30 — played an under­cover cop with Diesel’s char­acter, an ex-convict who’s also an elite illegal street racer, as his prey. Their relationship was at the heart of the fran­chise’s success.

But behind the scenes, that thrilling chemistry turned into an ugly rivalry, an insider revealed.

“Paul and Vin really came to dislike each other,” said the source.

“Paul said Vin was always trying to outdo him on the set, stealing the limelight, upstag­ing him and fawning all over producers to make himself look good and Paul look bad.

“Paul also thought Vin was loud, brash and aggressive, while Vin thought Paul was a Hollywood wimp.

“That couldn’t have been fur­ther from the truth, but Vin thought he could walk all over Paul when it came to negotia­tions, and that infuriated Paul.”

The bad blood between the two exploded in 2009 when they were negotiating deals for the fourth “Fast & Furious” film, the source said.

Diesel was a producer on the film, and “their friendship died completely because Vin made a major cash-grab,” the source di­vulged.

“Paul said Vin was a ‘bully,’ and he had to fight Vin for every little thing in his contract. It got so bad that Paul brought his entire business and legal team along every time they had a business meeting.

“During their negotiations, Paul complained that Vin was standoffish and even borderline sinister.”

Both actors cashed in big-time thanks to their work on the franchise. But Diesel ended up with the bigger piece of the money pie, amassing a $60 million fortune compared to the $45 mil­lion Walker left behind.