Corinna Betsch: Schumacher Wife is’Freaking Out’ Over Michael’s Accident

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Monday, December 30, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1359] MICHAEL Schumacher‘s wife is freaking out over her husband’s health following his shock accident, insiders say.

The former motor racing world champion, 44, is fighting for his life after he fell and hit his head on a rock while skiing with his son. Luckily, he was wearing a helmet.

Michael was airlifted to hospital in Grenoble, 80 miles west, where he was conscious. Recent reports claimed his condition has worsened.

A leading brain surgeon was seen arriving at the hospital in Grenoble, France, where the ex-Formula One driver was being treated.

His family were also at the hospital, where medical sources confirmed Schumacher was in a ‘critical state’ and suffering from a brain hemorrhage.

Sources say Corinna Betsch is desperate for her husband to make a recovery.

Michael married Corinna Betsch in 1995.

“Corinna is freaking out,” a source said. “She’s staying strong for the sake of the kids, but she’s fearing the worst.”

Michael and Corinna have two children, Gina-Maria (born on 20 February 1997) and Mick (born on 22 March 1999).

The couple have always been very protective of his private life, and are known to dislike the celebrity spotlight, preferring a simple life. The family moved to a house near Gland, Switzerland in 2007.

The family lives in a 7,000 sq ft mansion with its own underground garage and petrol station, situated on a private beach on Lake Geneva..

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  • Sekonda H

    In other news the sky is blue.

  • EllieBellie

    Their own petrol station under the house? Even the Pope goes out to fill up.

  • RedCyan1

    Corinna Schumacher, Betsch is he maiden name- jealousy? Pathetic! She’s married to him and has been since 1995 therefore she’s Mrs Michael Schumacher not Miss Betsch!

    • josee walters

      Europeens are not old fashioned like Americans. Women keep their maiden names. Actually in some countries, it is the law.

    • C Bauer

      Relax. Have a cream soda.

  • Carlos Przibilski Dias

    Penso que poderia lhe ser útil intensas seções de fisioterapia, bem como, colocá-lo, diariamente em messa de ortostatismo, na posição vertical por algumas horas…