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Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz Teaming up For Movie?

Posted by Adam

"Squirrels to the Nuts" Filming in Greenwich Village on July 17, 2013JENNIFER Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz are looking to team up for a movie!

The trio are searching for “the mother of all chick comedies” to act in together, sources say.

The actresses are hunting for a funny script that would give them all meaty roles, RadarOnline reports.

“But Sandra is the one who is friends with both Cameron and Jennifer, and would likely get top billing in the project,” a source said

“It’s amazing that this is even being considered by this group — and shows that they’re putting aside old rivalries to find ways of staying relevant in recession-racked Hollywood.

“Although there isn’t a script or concept in play just yet, the film could do for girl comedies what The Avengers did for superhero movies.

“The success of The Heat and the movie Bridesmaids has shown that female buddy comedies are the hottest thing going and Cameron, Sandra and Jen would love to work together and rake in box office gold.”

According to the insider, the idea has particularly inspired Peter Chernin, the producer of Bullock’s recent comedy hit, The Heat, as well as Cameron’s longtime pal Drew Barrymore, who is currently hunting for a new film to direct after a several-years-long break.

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