Amber Laign: Robin Roberts’ Girlfriend Photos

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1362] AMBER Laign is Robin Roberts‘ girlfriend! They’ve been together for ten years! Isn’t she beautiful?

The Good Morning American superstar confirmed earlier this week that she’s a lesbian — and that Amber has been her partner for ten years!

Reports back in 2012 claimed Robin was worried Barack Obama would out her as a lesbian.

According to source the ABC news anchor — who scored the President Obama gay marriage interview — wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the scoop because she thought it would bring her own sexuality to the forefront.

“Most of the discussions [among TV people] today about why Robin got the interview have to do with her being gay,” a source said.

“Not that she’s black, or friends of the Obamas.

“Obviously they picked her because she’s black and gay.

“It’s hardly a secret in the business.

“I’ve seen her girlfriend. She’s around the building all the time—very attractive and well-dressed.”

Amber helped the anchor through two serious illnesses — breast cancer in 2007 and Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2012 — so Robin decided it was finally time to publicly acknowledge her girlfriend for all her love and support!

Robin “never felt the need to tell the world, but at the end of such a difficult year she wanted to acknowledge what Amber did for her,” sources close to Robin told TMZ.

“We’re told the illnesses strengthened an already strong bond,” the site reports.

Robin posted the following sweet message after Christmas, sharing everything she is


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  • Grace

    I am really disrupted by this being a hay is not something to be proud of how can she praise God for healing and on the other hand doing what is abomination to God? Really wow which God she praises, the marriage anyway is between a men and a woman

    • Jesus Ramerez

      Since the pope has no problem with it, I guess you worship a different God than him.

  • me

    What does Amber see in ugly,manly Robin Roberts?.Anyhow why do they feel the need to make such a big deal about being GAY?

  • Jae

    Does her orientation really disrupt your life…..maybe now is the time to get on with yours and let people have theirs.