Alec Baldwin Down in The Dumps

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Elton John AIDS Foundation's 12th Annual "An Enduring Vision Benefit" - ArrivalsALEC Baldwin has been down in the dumps!

The actor is a “shell of him­self ” after the ugly outburst cost him his cable TV talk show, said a friend.

“Alec looks like he’s aged five years in the past month,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“He’s dour and argumentative with his own family. They worry he’s slipping into a full-blown bout of depression.

“With his new baby, these should be the happiest times of Alec’s life. Instead, he keeps saying, ‘I’ve really done it this time.’”

Alec, 55, landed in hot water repeatedly in 2013 — hurling racial slurs at one photographer, which Baldwin denied, throwing gay insults at a British journalist and tussling with yet another photographer in August shortly after daugh­ter Carmen’s birth.

In November, Alec spewed derogatory gay com­ments at a photographer. The fallout was so brutal that MSNBC yanked his show off the air after just five broadcasts.

Baldwin had hoped to use the show as a platform to run for New York City mayor, but that’s just a pipe dream now, the friend added.

“Political opponents would have a field day tearing him apart,” said the source.

“Alec is filled with remorse over his public behavior, and he’s on a downward slide. He realizes he’s done some things that no apologies will ever fix.”


  • cantfoolme

    call me crazy, but I think this new wife will be the death of him! She is the only one that has benefited from that union. She now has wealth, appearances, and has become a celebrity in some people’s mind. She has him on a string, and he is constantly trying to protect her highness which gets him into trouble. Things will get bad for him, and she will leave him, with all his money, what’s left of it!

  • JamesT51

    It’s time for Alec to put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger! No loss there!

  • TrueBlue

    Good! Alec is a scumbag!