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Valerie Bertinelli Getting Fat?

Posted by Adam

Valerie Bertinelli Sighted On Set At "The Today Show" in New York City on September 4, 2013VALERIE Bertinelli has piled on the pounds — and her nemesis Kirstie Alley couldn’t be happier.

“Valerie is freaking out after putting on a few pounds, particularly since she and Kirstie have been in a bitter feud,” said a source.

Valerie dropped 49 pounds after replacing Kirstie as the Jenny Craig celebrity spokeswoman in 2007, going from 172lbs to 123lbs . But she’s finding that the older she gets, the harder it is to keep the weight off – and insiders say she’s gained about 15 pounds over the past six months.

Valerie — who turns 54 in April — blames her weight gain on her busy shooting schedule for the TV Land show Hot in Cleveland.

She claims her work commitments leave her with little time to shop for and prepare the kind of healthy meals she’d been eating when she was maintaining her weight loss.


  • Ellen Ann

    Kirstie Alley is bigger than Valerie Bertinelli so she needs to get over herself.

    • Mary Lime

      I don’t believe for a minute that Kirstie Alley is happy about this. This is the media setting up an imaginary feud. That was an irresponsible comment on the part of this writer. How does this writer know that Alley couldn’t be happier about Bertinelli’s weight gain?

  • Laurie Carr Durant

    Watched Valerie on the Wendy show and she has put on more than 15 pounds. I’m just glad she has stopped hiding behind huge purses, because she is beautiful either way.

  • Karen Califano

    I love Valerie and unfortunately, as us women get older, it’s very hard to maintain and not gain any weight you lost in recent years. Same thing happened to me and several of my female friends who are in the same age group. It’s a constant struggle and once you go through menopause, it gets even tougher!!!!! She is still gorgeous and looks fantastic for her age and has a gorgeous husband to boot, who married her for WHO she is,not how much she weighs!

  • Bishop

    Now she’s blaming her weight gain on her broken foot and not being able to exercise. Not judging her, just saying that her foot has nothing to do with her mouth, unless it’s “her foot in her mouth,” but seriously, she was the Jenny Craig spokesperson and that diet plan should have taught her enough to portion control and eat the right foods – so blaming weight gain on work, broken foot, etc. is BS. Has more to do with what’s going in her mouth, as opposed to what is currently being said out of her mouth. Stop making excuses.

    • Gigi

      Thank you!!! I was just going to post the same thing. Weight has more to do with what we eat, not exercise. Although exercise is good for our health, (I read this) weight loss/gain is based on 80% nutriton; 10% exercise and 10% genese.