Paul Walker Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell Struggling to Get Life Back Together

Sunday, January 5, 2014

[imagebrowser id=1334] PAUL Walker‘s grieving girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, is struggling to get her life back together following the actor’s death.

The pair had been together for several years before the actor, 40, died in a car accident on November 30.

Jasmine is now facing life on her own — and she’s scared.

“Jasmine is just starting to get her around living her life without Paul,” a source said.

“He was her whole world. They loved each other very much.

“Jasmine is still struggling and has been leaning on her family — and Paul’s family — for support.”

A source previously revealed that not only did Paul and Jasmine plan to tie the knot, they’d also discussed starting a family together.

Paul raised daughter Meadow with former flame Rebecca McBrain. At the time of his death, Meadow was living with her Dad in Los Angeles.



  • Guest

    This story is such BS. Paul and Jasmine have been broken up for years. Of course she is sad, as anyone would be if an ex, a friend, or a family member died. But they were not still a couple, and these “engagement” and “possibly starting a family” rumors are just vicious attacks from the press and their supposed “sources.”

    • Anonymous

      ^ This

      I agree. They ALWAYS say that. Just like Monteith/Lea Michele (“Oh, they were planning on marriage, talking about kids!”). It is B.S. The tabloids do it to sell there People and US Weekly magazines. It makes it sound more “Romeo & Juliet”, a romantic tragedy to get the female readers swooning. Their relationship didn’t sound like a healthy one at all (“on again – off again”)

  • Friend

    Can the press let his family/ friends/ daughter to grieve? Please give them some respect. Paul and this young woman were no longer in the relationship before his death. It doesn’t mean she won’t grieve for her loss. Don’t make up a story to make a few bucks.

  • Lola

    Come on,she wasn’t his girlfriend from 2011…Stop making famous girl from her anymore.I am sure that we will see her in Big Brother or in some reality very soon..

    • Sania

      It is thrue. She is not his girlfriend. They miss a lot of things


    Yeah thought they weren’t together anymore? I remember seeing and interview about him having his daughter move in, then she didn’t like any of the girls he brought over. So he put dating on hold lol. (Or at least around Meadow he said). Didn’t seem like he was in a serious relationship. Although it would still hurt his ex a lot because you always love someone.

  • jo nic

    Jo nic……..I think everyone should spare a thought for his girlfriend, daughter meadow and family paul walker was my idol love his films think so many folk thrive on gossip and newspapers suck on GOSSIP, paul walker was my idol and whatever they publish can suck fast and furious you will never replace a star pwalker RIP xxxxxxxxx

  • freeze

    He starting dating Jasmine when she was the age his daughter is now. In any interviews was he ever asked if he would allow his teenage daughter to date a middle age man? Last night I debated with friends if our daughter(s) were friends with Paul’s daughter would we let them hang out at his house, etc. It is obvious that Paul and his family/friends were comfortable with middle age men having relationships with high school girls. I would have a very difficult time letting my daughter be at his house. If you see video after the crash it sure looks like Jasmine is running around blocking people from taking video from across the street. So it is that combined with her informing the daughter of Paul’s death put her with Paul at the end. Maybe they were together?

  • Anonymous

    Paul kept his private life private for obvious reasons.

  • tina

    they were dating when he died

    • Marta

      How do you know they were dating when he died?

  • Katie

    They were dating . I know because they were my neighbors in Santa Barbara. They lived together in the same house on the cliffs. I saw both them driving all the time and her vw bus was always parked outside

    • Jamie

      lol That’s funny, considering Paul was saying he was single right up until a week before he died. Nice try, though.

      • Imthatgirl

        Now you see thats funny! Ever hear about people getting back together! How do you know they didnt get back together right after he said he was single. Fact is none of you will ever know! Only him and Jasmine will ever know the answer to that question! Like that one person said! Paul left his life private for reason!

  • DeeCee

    If they were dating regularly or not dating at all, she will be upset. She was a 23 year old not worried about anything financial. Now the bubble has burst and she has to live her own and life and support herself.