Barbra Streisand and James Brolin Laugh at Poor People!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Natural Resources Defense Council's Ocean Initiative Benefit Hosted by ChanelBARBRA Streisand has a heart!

The Hollywood superstar and her husband James Brolin — who are believed to be on the rocks — couldn’t help looking at one another and smiling as they rode the elevator to their suite in the Washington, D.C., Ritz-Carlton, listening to a young couple bickering about money.

“The husband was upset with his wife for spending so much money shopping, but she kept saying it was their honeymoon — and she wanted to buy a few trinkets,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“The young woman, embarrassed at being reprimanded in front of total strangers, suddenly realized that the couple wasn’t really ‘strangers’ at all. She suddenly whispered to him, ‘Ohmigod! Stop talking! Don’t you know who they are?’ Hubby didn’t get it and kept ranting as they got off at their floor – while Wifey mouthed the words, ‘Please ignore him!’”

Amused and touched, Streisand called down to the front desk, ID’d the honeymoon couple and sent them a bottle of champagne with a card that read, “Enjoy this special time with each other…and forget about the money.”

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  • Chris Sullivan

    Afam – exactly what kind of fucking loser scumbag asshole are you? How the FUCK does this gesture mean she is “laughing at poor people”? YOU inserted the idea that she was “amused”. You should be fucking FIRED you incompetent dickhead!

    • Vince

      I concur! Idiot!

  • Will

    Nice gesture by Streisand. Makes me like her even more. Adam on the other hand is clearly an idiot with the misleading headline and divorce references.

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding? She’s so wealthy and supports a corrupt government political party that’s trashing America, if she had a real heart she’d be doing something else with her life.

  • John Sweeney

    Wow!! How totally scumbag can you get to insinuate the Brolins are laughing at “poor people” who are HONEYMOONING IN DC at the RITZ CARLTON. I always go to the Ritz to meet poor people. Don’t we all!!! Wish I were that poor!!! Too funny by a mile. How does this idiot get away with it? Repugnicants have no sense of humor anymore…

    Barbra….you made their day and they will be telling this story to their friends for years and years to come.

  • Alice Susan Harding

    False headline! Badmouthing them for more views. Badass!

  • Anonymous

    Easy for Barbra Streisand to say forget about the money, she really should have sent them a $10,000 gift if she cared.

    • coachross

      Which part of staying at the Ritz are you having trouble with, Chery? I know for a fact that it’s at least $1500 a nite, so their financial state must not be too bad. As for Ms Streisand doing something else with her life, I’m pretty damned happy with what she’s been doing! I’ve been a fan for 45 yrs. Long enough to know that she is a very generous contributor to many worthwhile charities. As for your political rantings-get a life!