Hunter King: Michael Muhney Groped me!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

82nd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade Benefiting Toys for Tots - ArrivalsHUNTER King has accused her Young & Restless costar, Michael Muhney, of groping her!

According to a new report, King told producers she would go to cops and file a report against Muhney if he wasn’t fired from the top-rated soap.

Muhney, 38, was dumped after King, 20, reportedly complained he’d fondled her breasts on two occasions, both of which she protested were unsolicited and unwanted advances, reports the National Enquirer.

“Hunter went to the top brass at CBS and Sony and accused Michael of grabbing her breasts on two separate occasions. Hunter demanded Michael be fired or else she would file a police report against him,” a source said.

“Michael had clashed in the past with writers on the show and one of his costars, Eric Braeden. The decision was made to let him go. However, Hunter was told by producers, if she believed a crime had been committed, she should pursue appropriate action, regardless of their decision.”

Muhney, who played Adam Newman on the show, was abruptly fired on December 17. He has not responded to the reports about his apparent behavior, but confirmed via Twitter that he was let go from the show late last year.

“I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart to say this, but I was just let go from Y&R. My last day on set is this Thursday,” he wrote in mid December.

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  • Susan

    You dopes are a little late to hop on the latest sleaze wagon…the whole story is based on allegations, not fact. Start a real news site…losers!

  • Patti

    I would get rid of summer (bad acting) before Adam. Y & r used to be #1. It’s going down fast

    • spinny

      Hunter is not that great of an actress..I would get rid of her first. Not saying that what has happened is a nice thing..But Hunter would have been replaced sooner or later anyway.We can always have a new Summer..But M.M. not replaceable as Adam.. Sorry Hunter.You must go also

  • foxterluv

    I agree get rid of Hunter, she is worthless and can’t act anyway. Allegations, not fact!
    No one else will be able to play Adam like Michael!

  • Sandy

    All I know is Michael Muhney carries this show. It’ll be worthless after he is gone.

  • Katy Vega

    something doesn’t smell right about this story. “fire him or I’m going to the cops?” So she has that much power that they would fire a popular actor to appease her? I’m not buying it…..

  • Anonymous

    Fire him OR she will go to the cops? Going to the cops and filing a police report is usually the first thing one does when violated or groped. Where is the police report with all of the evidence?

  • Red

    I think they should get rid of Victor Newman. (Eric Braedon) I think he is the most annoying Actor ever!!! He mumbles so much in his moustache that you can’t understand what he is saying most of the time…I agree that Y&R is so depressing lately. I am tired of hearing about Dedee. Go on already, PLEASE!

  • Ms.J

    Get rid of Eric,and Hunter neither one is as good of a actor as Michael YandR going to pits.

  • Chris

    Whether they can act or not is not the issue folks! I would do the same thing as hunter, she deserves to be treated better at her job, than to have someone groping her breasts whenever they feel like it.
    If he can act so well. Why doesn’t he act well, in person, on the set, to his co workers.

  • Shawn jones

    And she didn’t file a police report because……?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t blame Michael. Looking at Hunter’s chest, I’d be tempted to do the same thing.