Tom Sizemore Heroin Video Shocker

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Days Of The Dead Los Angeles Convention - Day 2TOM Sizemore has been caught on video smoking heroin and spouting racially offensive remarks!

In a graphic 23-minute video that secretly filmed in mid-October and obtained by the National Enquirer, Sizemore is seen using both heroin and crystal meth in the bathroom of his Los Angeles home.

“The world should see this video because, maybe then, he will realize he’s killing himself and clean himself up for good,” said an eyewitness. “My plea to him is: ‘Get help now before you end up dead.’”

In the video, Sizemoreactor is seen sitting on the toilet, first using heroin by heating it up on aluminum foil and inhaling the smoke through a straw. Then he smokes meth through a glass pipe.

Later on in the video, Sizemore takes potshots at Hispanics and makes claims about a famous Hollywood director using drugs and hiring prostitutes while shooting a movie.

Back in 2007, Sizemore was arrested on suspicion of drug possession. He was taken into custody after he was allegedly found with methamphetamine.