Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp on The Rocks

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Meg RyanMEG Ryan and John Mellencamp are on the rocks.

The couple — who have been dating since 2010 — have hit a rough patch because country boy John hates New York and Manhattan Meg refuses to move to the heartland.

“Meg and John were headed toward engagement and mar­riage at one point, but not anymore,” revealed an insider.

“John would be happy to keep a long-distance relationship going, but that’s not enough for Meg. For now, she’s done with John. She didn’t even in­clude him on her New Year’s family trip to Aspen.

“She’s chosen New York, he’s chosen In­diana, and neither is budging on the reloca­tion issue.”

John, 62, has begged Meg, 52, to pack up and move into his mansion in Bloomington, Ind., but she won’t even consider it, sources tell the National Enquirer.

Meg is about to start shooting a TV pilot in New York. She also has two kids – adopted daughter Daisy, 8, and Jack, 21, her son with ex-husband Dennis Quaid.

“John’s home base is just outside Blooming­ton, where he owns a lakefront mansion at the edge of a wooded 65-acre estate,” said the source.

“In addition to being a musician, John is an artist and has both a recording and art studio on the property. He owns several businesses around Bloomington and is happy being a country boy. He hates the big city.

“Meg left Hollywood years ago for Manhattan. She’s not about to leave the life she’s made there.”



  • Ginger

    Betcha she’s glad she’s no longer living with a human ashtray

  • Princess

    People willingly live in Indiana?

  • unknown

    funny i just saw them together in bloomington and they looked pretty happy the other day. i live in bloomington. i dont see any split, unless theyre putting on a good act, which i doubt it

  • unknown2

    Sorry unknown, but she has not been there since October and he hardly has spent any time there either the past few months, opting for South Carolina instead. It seems people living in Blómington dont’even really know what they look like. Like they confuse him with his father all the time.

  • vlg

    The other day? lol. “Unknown” there is photographic paparazzi evidence she has been in NYC for over a week. Before that, several places that are NOT Indiana. Dont know who you saw, but you didn’t see Meg Ryan

  • Tirza