Ashton Kutcher Hoping to Reunite Mila Kunis and Jessica Simpson

Friday, January 10, 2014

"Jobs" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsASHTON Kutcher is on a mission to pair his girlfriend Mila Kunis with Jessica Simpson in a big-screen comedy.

The actor is keen to work with the That ’70s Show beauties who both romanced him on the show.

“Ashton has an excellent professional relationship with Jessica and is eager to revive her on-air career–by pairing her with Mila in a movie comedy,” a source dished.

Kunis played Kutcher’s character Kelso’s girlfriend on the 1998-2006 sitcom–and Simpson portrayed his love interest in a brief recurring role.

“Ashton loves Jessica’s whole vibe and wishes he could personally take control of her career, but for now he’s on the hunt for scripts and writers that could position Mila and Jessica as a comedy duo,” the source said.

“The thing with Ashton — and everyone knows this — he often talks a bigger game than he can actually deliver.

“Jessica has ZERO intention of ever acting again but Ashton’s convinced he’ll get her to sign on if he finds the right project.”


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  • Unknown

    I think she had fun on That 70′s Show, so I’m not so sure that she would say no to him, if he found something that he thought would be good for her. I say go for it, just for the fun of seeing what they come up with. I bet he could change her mind!