Hillary Clinton Has Brain Tumor?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

201403HILLARY Clinton apparently has a brain tumor.

According to a report from America’s Globe magazine, the 66-year-old presidential hopeful is battling a serious health crisis.

Meanwhile, Clinton has been warned that running for President in 2016 could KILL her.

The feisty politician wants to spurn her doctors’ advice and announce her candidacy on June 4, 2014 – the day her late mother would have turned 95.

Clinton, 66, and her husband, Former President Bill Clinton, are already laying the groundwork to build a $5 BILLION war chest to fund her campaign, with their daughter Chelsea playing a major role.

“Hillary’s doctors have painted a grim picture of her health,” said a close source. “Behind the scenes, they’re telling her, ‘Running for president will kill you’.

“But Hillary wants to ignore her doctors because she’s so desperate to be America’s first female president.

“She believes it’s what she was put on earth to do, and there’s no convincing her otherwise.

“But Bill, who has wrestled with severe health issues including several heart operations, is telling Hillary that they need to think long and hard about this.

“Hillary will likely defy her doctors and announce her candidacy on June 4, which would have been her mother Dorothy’s 95th birthday.

“Hillary simply cannot be stopped. Even when she was suffering from the blood clot near her brain, she told Bill and Chelsea that she was intent on raising a ‘$5 billion war chest’ for her campaign.

“They tossed out names of possible supporters while Hillary was still in her hospital bed.

“Bill and Hillary are intent on Chelsea having a baby soon, and then having Chelsea campaign with the baby.

“They believe Chelsea’s presence as a new mom will attract young female voters. That’s not going to sit well with her husband Marc, who’s continually felt frozen out by the Clintons. But Chelsea will do whatever she can for her mom. She’s a Clinton first and a wife second.

“Having Chelsea and the baby involved will make the family look younger and give a Kennedy-like ‘Camelot’ touch to the campaign.

“As badly as Hillary wants to get back into the White House, Bill wants it more. It would be like a third term for him and give him a chance to build on his presidential legacy.

“Hillary felt she deserved the nomination five years ago, and Barack stole it right out from under her. Ever since then, a Clinton-Obama feud has been simmering right below the surface.

“With the president and Democrats going up in flames over the Obamacare fiasco, Bill told Hillary, ‘You have to save America.’”


  • Anonymous

    Was it your magazine that said Bill Clinton had 6 months to live, about 3 or 4 years ago?

  • Anonymous

    Found it. from the Globe, Dated August 2, 2010, Bill Clinton has six months to live. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2563170/posts

  • Anonymous

    Camelot? It that a new euphemism for Marxism?

  • Anonymous

    If this is true 2016 is a long way off and a brain tumor is nothing to second guess. The stress of running for office could kill her. Does it matter to her enough for her to run anyway.If you do not listen to your Doctor’s you are very foolish don’t you think? Opinion.

    • Linda Palucci

      what difference does it make/ if she has tumor, she won’t make it to 2016, my husband died from one in 9 months.

  • John Dossett

    I don’t buy it but if its true good riddance

  • Renie Laster Keen Roseberry

    Chris Stevens Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith….So SAD the president is doing NOTHING.

    • Jim B

      When the time comes…she won’t be running into any of them where she’s headed.

  • Keith Cameron

    Hillary deserves nothing less.



  • Lawrence Mayo

    “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

  • Anonymous

    how can hitlery have a tumor on a part that she doesn’t have ?

  • belababe

    Good! God don’t like ugly! Karma is a bitch!

  • Kim Emmerich

    you actually make me sign up a password to do you a favor by posting your article to MORE READERS? YOU ARE LIBERALS= RIGHT? … MAKES SENSE!

  • Gradivus

    Stories in supermarket tabloids… there’s always a chance they may be true, if only by accident.

    • westernread

      Men in Black proved it; the tabloids are alien tools and Hillary is definitely from Mars. But all the jabber aside; if the Republicans keep putting religious zealots in as Presidential candidates, the conservatives will never make it back into the White House. Except, of course, if Rand Paul were to run…

  • DaveBinAZ

    The thought of that evil woman as president sends chills down my spine. That American citizens would consider voting for her is incomprehensible.

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheLastParatrooper Ben Miles

    I hope this political slut phuckn dies!

  • Anonymous

    She’d turn the White House into a “double wide”

  • Anonymous

    Mrs satan has not place in our government and didn’t before. She is scum and has actually hurt what little billy boy had accomplished. The hell with both of the and the communist media that would love to support them.

  • Michele C

    Karma’s a bitch!!!!

  • Juliet Giles

    rest-health first- running for pres- is too much stress-

  • Tuffenough1952

    WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE ! ? paybacks a b-tch — If I said I hope she gets better — I’d be lying !

  • MarVista509

    She never went to a gym, no one saw her walking, nor doing much of a workout anywhere, she is slothful, indolent, oversized, obese, podgy, all the ingredients for a small vascular issue, like a stroke, heart problem, etc..what Americans like in a President, after all they had one president not too long ago who was out of his depth before he got to Washington and when he got the cards mixed up, he was shown for the sicko that he was. I saw him in 1995, he was out of it, gone, certifiably on the way to the departure lounge.

  • Jim B

    I wonder if it would be mean spirited to wish upon Hillary what the Left wished upon Dick Cheney….what ever that could mean of course.