Sheryl Crow: Twitter Comments Make me Cry!

Monday, January 13, 2014

American Country Awards 2013 - ArrivalsSHERYL Crow has feelings, guys!

The singer admits she has cried over cruel comments on Twitter.

“I had a song come out — it was in reference to a Hank Williams tribute record — and somebody blogged that it sounded like someone being raped in an open field,” she said.

”It was so heinous. I sobbed. I never read that stuff, but I happened to catch that one thing. And I sobbed- and it wasn’t event what he said. It was the hatred.’

“We’ve given everybody the opportunity to have an anonymous platform. We’ve given them momentum — and a community which to associate. It used to be that if you were like that, you might be an outsider. Now everybody has found their people — haters.”

Meanwhile, Sheryl admits she has the tendency to attract deranged fans, including a woman who accused the star of stealing her identity.

“I’ve had to testify against people. I had one guy commit suicide. It’s really difficult I’ve attracted people who are very ah, challenged,” she said.

”I had a woman who moved to my hometown who said that somebody had stolen her identity and that she was me.”