Barack Obama, Michelle Obama in Divorce Shocker?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

36th Annual NAACP Image Awards - ArrivalsBARACK Obama and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, are hiding a divorce shocker from America, according to a new report.

Sources tell the National Enquirer that the pair’s 21-year marriage has collapsed following a disastrous holiday trip to Hawaii.

Michelle was left furious when she learned that the Secret Service has covered up Obama’s cheating – twice.

“Michelle is so upset over her trou­bled marriage that she didn’t want to leave Hawaii when it was time to go,” a source said.

“She said she wasn’t ready to face the ‘fish bowl’ of Washington, D.C., and refused to fly home with Obama and the girls on Air Force One. The president had no choice but to leave Michelle behind in Hawaii.

“Some of the president’s most loyal supporters were absolutely sickened by his behavior at the Mandela event.

“They decided to pass secrets to Mi­chelle while she was in Hawaii, and she picked up some very incriminat­ing information, including the fact that the Secret Service has been cover­ing up the president’s cheating.

“She learned that Barack was caught with a woman in an incident that, in the words of one mole, was ‘hushed up.’ Besides that, a Secret Service agent also saw the president ‘in a com­promising position’ with another woman while Michelle was out of town.

“Barack told Michelle not to believe the stories. He insisted that they were ‘all bull.’ But Michelle has had enough and declared, ‘I want out!’

“That’s when she decided that she wasn’t going back to Washington with him.

“Michelle’s now left to contemplate the sad reality of her situation. For the sake of her husband’s presidency, she’s going to have to stand by her man until his second term ends in 2016. But for all intents and purposes, their marriage is already over.”



  • Helmy Abdullah

    Are the Obamas heading for a divorce ? What a shocking news !

  • Saros7

    This is BULLSHITe and fake… Stop spreading disinformation.

    • raidel

      I hear you its pretty fake to me its like situation I had in facebook someone messaged my wife with same junk of lies that I was sleeping with her, michelle is letting it spread and consume her..

      • Anonymous

        Sleeping with your wife? Don’t see the scandal.

      • MR2016

        I’m not sure about the divorce, but I am 100% sure that the guy is never loyal to his wife, and that’s understandable.

      • Anonymous

        From what i have seen, he is a narcissist, which doesn’t leave much room for other people. Just an observation, but it explains a lot of the throwing under the bus that goes on.

    • HeCheated

      Why is it BS? Because it is reported by the National Enquirer? They got it right last time…

      The JOHN EDWARDS affair was initially reported in late-2007 by The National Enquirer, a U.S. supermarket tabloid newspaper, but was given little attention….

      Until it was found to be true! Obama is as Obama does…

      • Anonymous

        National Enquirer has a good track record. They busted John Edwards and his baby mama.

      • Anonymous

        They sure did.

  • notalib

    lolololmao, what’s wrong afraid your god like rescuer of the union is just a human like you? And how about that job market, and obamacare is so perfect. lololol

    • Mimi

      Obama care is a million times more than what any other President has done for us. So, stop being an ungrateful bitch and thank Obama for caring about this nation.

      • notalib

        Really, name them…… was it the cutting meals for soldiers? raising the debt from 10 trillion to 17 trillion? obamacare (cause it is working so well) Guantanamo bay? Iran, allowing the keystone pipeline, investing billions in green energy failures, bailing out big business three times? Which things should I be grateful for again? A million times better, amazing!
        So Welfare, Social Security, Disability, things like that? So we had 40 million without healthcare, 5-6 million people and families lost their insurance, they have signed up 2,2 million most of which are on medicare, Maybe a million times the cost to you as a taxpayer but a million times better. Once again…lolololol what a maroon! So really tell me how its a “million times better” meanwhile I will go back to my real life and will return to your comical delusional existence when I stop laughing so hard.

      • Man deVoshkes

        And he has 3 more years to care about America, poor bastards

      • Anonymous

        The White House is also using those old Medicaid signups as new customers. He is counting the old ones in with the new ones to make it look like there were more people signing up.

      • Anonymous

        No, no, you missed her point. She will collect over a million dollars in federal welfare and food stamps in her lifetime. Thats the jobs program. Oh wait, there is no work requirement any more…oops!

      • MR2016

        Are you a sheep Mimi? 5 million American have lost their health insurance including my family members and friends. For people who have jobs, premiums as well as deductible are high-rocketing. Stupid people like you to this date are still worshiping Obama amazed me.

  • Jack Meoff

    Did you ever see my wife’s big fat butt? It’s no wonder that I cheat!

  • Anonymous

    Obama don’t swing that way…. he likes men. If Obama was with a woman, now that would be a shocker…..

  • Anonymous

    oh baby, bill Clinton is laughing

  • Anonymous

    everybody lies, RIGHT?

  • Anonymous

    you mean im not a racist if I picked up on trouble at the mandala wing ding super duper blowout bash?

  • Anonymous

    in the mean time 17.4 trillion in debt but who’s counting baby?

  • Anonymous

    why would she let her children go home alone? the children need their mother, think of the CHILDREN!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    FLASHBACK, baby…..remember her saying AS A SINGLE MOTHER?

  • Anonymous

    eating aint cheating baby

  • Anonymous

    oooooooohhhhhhhh mimi beardsley

  • Anonymous

    what’s next? southwest pilots landing at the wrong airport?

  • Anonymous

    all kidding aside, she sure didn’t look happy with him with the mandala selfie…..

  • Autiger

    Stop it!! Stop saying they are getting Divorced! you are making OBots all over the world cry. Mental wards all over the country will be full

  • 12whitefeet

    Barry lies to the American people, stabs our allies in the back, refuses to work with congress, and now he cheats on his wife. So which of those will be his legacy?

  • kc

    Get a motherfucking life, you sick bastard. What you need to be worrying about is your is your damn problems,try to figure out how to do the impossible! You a stupid,bumb,punk ass bitch… lol #OBAMA

  • Anonymous

    “…..Sources tell the National Enquirer that the pair’s 21-year marriage has collapsed following a disastrous holiday trip to Hawaii……”
    Anything and everything this piece of crapola touches turns into a disaster – so this is hardly a shocker – IMPEACH this no good Kenyan idiot!