Jennifer Lawrence Offers to Buy Homeless Lady a Steak

Thursday, January 30, 2014

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsJENNIFER Lawrence could be the nicest woman in Hollywood!

The actress was going to Lala’s Argentine Grill on famed Melrose Ave. with mom Karen and two galpals when she spotted an elderly homeless lady pushing a shopping cart stuffed with her shabby belongings — and invited her for dinner.

According to reports, Jennifer asked the woman, “Honey, are you hungry? Do you want to come and eat with us?”

When a guy passer-by overheard that, he shouted, “They’re not going to let her in there!”

Jennifer responded, “Why don’t you mind your own business!” – and fired off a few explosive expletives.

But the homeless lady shyly thanked Jennifer, saying “she had to watch her cart.”

Jen smiled, pressed twenty dollars into her hand and said, “Well, you eat when you’re ready then!”


  • Anonymous

    I call bullshit – since when does Jennifer call anyone “honey” – sounds like one of those stories a publicist puts out….

    • Veronika

      Do you know Jennifer Lawrence personally? Are you an expert on what she usually calls people? I completely get that this could be a story her publicist put out, but to base it on this is kind of silly.

      • Anonymous

        Because I never took her to be a condescending person. For a 23 year old to call a much older woman that is impolite, not to mention the fact that it’s a multi millionaire talking to a homeless person.. also condescending.

        Besides, it’s just too handy that the source of this story was close enough to hear all of this go on like a nice and neat little anecdote. it’s either fiction or a publicist released it to ease the jlae fatigue people have been feeling

  • Dek

    Why would her publicist bring more attention to her? It’s not like she’s one of those actors looking for work or attention?

  • Gardenia

    Lmao she must really want another Oscar.

  • Lu

    This can easily be true, this girl is really kind a generous, so shut the fuck up yall haters. We finally have some natural and spontaneous actress who doesnt give a shit about fame.