Kate Middleton Betrayed by Camilla Parker Bowles

Thursday, January 30, 2014

201406KATE Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles are at war!

Sources say Camilla is so desperate to grab the Throne for herself and hubby Prince Charles that she has cooked up a series of outrageous leaks to discredit Kate and Prince William.

In its latest issue, America’s Globe magazine details Camilla’s despicable plot and her evil betrayal of new mom Kate.

It was recently claimed Kate and Camilla had a heated showdown, and Camilla — who was drunk — stormed out!

“Camilla was furious,” a source said. “She stormed out of the palace screeching at her husband Prince Charles, ‘I’ll destroy you and the rest of your family’.”[imagebrowser id=197]



  • Anonymous

    Oh please. Middleton discredits herself well enough that no one else needs to bother. Let’s see, among other things she went straight from mommy’s money to William’s without finding out how to really hold a job for any length of time or to accomplish anything on her own…like independence. And no, she didn’t really “work” for mommy. That was a funny bit of “PR”. And that balcony fiasco, why was she naked outdoors when both herself and William are aware of what long-range cameras can do ?
    And yes, then there is her love of super-tight pants and short dresses, despite being 32 years old, a mother and a supposed representative of her own country. Ah yes, then there’s all those incidents of her dresses blown sky high in the wind or up her thigh, which might have been avoided by better chosen clothing or hem weights.
    Let’s see yes, Middleton for two years running couldn’t show any real respect during the Remembrance Day ceremony.
    Hmmm…going out this past New Year’s without William, to party and drink and get “very jolly” with Pippa while George was left alone with the nanny, because we all know how important it is for Middleton to get away from the baby so she can knock back some liquor, and have everyone report how “jolly” she got with that.
    Middleton and William also made bottom of the list of royals and how public service they each do……

    • Abc

      Aint you a jealous cat? She’s rich,beautiful,admired and hugely popular,a real duchess and someday the queen of England, you will never be all this, so hate away, hater!!

      • Mellissa

        Lol!!! Yeah she REALLY hates William and Kate. There’s nothing you can say to make her change her mind about that.
        At least she’s consistent…

      • Anonymous

        P.S., Hey “Melissa”, how often do you change your ID ? LOTS.

      • Mellissa

        My name has 2 l’s. And I’m happy to announce that I’ve never changed my ID name EVER. I don’t feel the need to comment on everything I read about Kate so why should I change my name? Can you say the same for yourself? I honestly think you have several because you always say the same things over and over..but hey like I said at least you are consistent. Would you dare say these things to the royals face? I doubt it very much because it’s extremely disrespectful.

      • Anonymous

        Sure. Of course you change your ID all the time, your same nagging is evident. There’s a certain group of harpies who follow anyone who DARES to criticize Saint Waity.
        You seem obsessed with me. Perhaps you should take yourself to a doctor and explain that you have issues when others don’t think as you do. I can say whatever I like – suck it up. Would I say the same to the “royals face” ? Oh my, you really think they are better than other people don’t you ? LOL, good luck….! Grow up, you can’t tell other people what to think.

      • Mellissa

        I’m not going to man different emails just to have different ID’s, that’s just ridiculous, time consuming and mental. Some people love Kate (my type of “harpy” as you so eloquently put it) and some people do not (your type of “whatever” you’d like to consider yourself. I don’t feel the need to call people names since I’m obviously more mature). Funny you should mention the doctor because I think it would be healthy for you to get help with your Kate hate obsession. Everywhere there’s a Kate Middleton article THERE YOU ARE! Dare to try to find one where you aren’t spewing hate it’s almost impossible! It’s like you can’t help yourself and that worries me.
        Do you think that you are the only one who doesn’t agree with their government establishment?? I don’t care for the Obama administration one bit, but if ever met the president do you think that I would embarrass myself or my country by acting ignorant in his presence??? Perhaps I was raised to be more respectful of my fellow peers and leaders!
        I can’t believe you think I’m “attacking” you- you just want to play the victim so you can have more fuel for your fire. I see that when I agreed with you about going republic you didn’t have ANYTHING to say.
        You are a hypocrite DuchessLazy! You don’t want to be “attacked” yet you foul mouth everyone who has an opinion different than yours, proof positive just in these Disqus comments alone! So have your opinions but don’t scream the same trash from the top of the mountain every 5 seconds, it makes you look unstable especially when your comments are pretty much cut and pasted from website to website. If you hate the royal family so much than do something constructive with your time TO CHANGE IT instead of always just COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. Good luck with it, I HONESTLY hope that you can make a change that you obviously seem so passionate about, just leave the slander and bad language/attitude out of it- it will help your cause far better than it has so far. Like Bill Cosby said “have a coke and a smile” honey and just chill a bit. It will all work out in the end

      • Anonymous

        Oh LOL, I must have touched a nerve somewhere. Take an aspirin. Let us all know how you’re doing tomorrow. Yes indeed..obsessed with me. Maybe take TWO aspirins.
        And shut down some of those multiple ID accounts. You are way stressed from them all . Poor thing.

      • Mellissa

        Oh my how you wish I had multiple ID’s to “stalk” you. At least I have the gusts to use my one and only REAL name in Diqus instead of hiding behind a fictitious one (multiples in your case WaityKate). You are always good for a laugh when I need one because honey you are a joke, not to mention a bully to others who like Kate. Have a nightcap and be “jolly”

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        LOL, Waity, and William for that matter, are not “hugely popular” except among certain types of groupies. In fact in the UK they’re called “Willnot and Kannot”. Not exactly a compliment now is it ?

        There’s nothing to be “jealous” of, not with Waity. That’s really funny. She’s so lame and uninspiring. I greatly admired Princess Diana, but I’m not “jealous” of anyone. What is a “real duchess” ? LOL, you don’t sound like the brightest crayon. “A REAL DUCHESS”, LOL. As opposed to what ? A FALSE DUCHESS ? Does a “real duchess” do nothing for a month then take a vacation ? Yeah. there you go. DUCHESS of Do-Little. Waity Kate will only be “queen” if the marriage lasts and if the UK doesn’t get a republic instead.

      • Mellissa

        All bs aside I do think that the UK going republic is a good idea

      • Anonymous

        Yeahhhh, when you can’t defend something the other person is “jealous”. That’s the go-to line for all groupies.
        Waity is not admired. In the UK she and William are referred to as “Willnot and Kannot”. In your sycophant life you see Waity as something great. And that’s really funny.

  • Anonim

    I wonder where all this poison is comin from. The energy of our present Queen is unlikely to be beaten but is this the reason to blame other royals to be not-so-active on daily basis? Do they have to explain themselves? i dont think so

    • Anonymous

      Yes they do. They’re parasites and I hope the UK gets them off their backs and gets the republic they want.

      • anon

        you need to be taken behind a woodshed and given a right walloping for your disrespectful comments and attitude towards EVERYONE! You are a very lonely and self-loathing person who thrives on causing drama.. Frankly you are just a plain sad slug that someone should squish under their shoe to get you to shut the HE** up!! Nobody wants or needs to read your opinion albeit the SAME CUT AND PASTED opinion from article to article!!!
        Everyone lets all flag his comments so that he will be banned from posting any more of his hateful hitler attitude and insults. and if he/she shows up again, we know his wording and M.O. that we will consistently flag all his comments! UNTIL THEY GET THE HINT WE DONT WANT HIM OUT HERE ANYMORE

      • Anonymous

        When they find out you escaped the padded room there will likely be trouble.

      • Mellissa

        LOL! Whoever you are it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who noticed the Kate hate syndrome Lazy has. You can’t even agree with her on a subject without being attacked

  • Always in Diana’s courner

    Camilla already ruined Diana’s life and most likely in my opinion had a hand in Diana’s demise. Camilla needs her ass whoop but good.

  • AuntKimmie

    Diana used to refer to Camilla as “the rottweiler”.
    I can see the resemblance.

    • Anonymous

      Yes no kidding ! Diana had a great sense of humor / well directed anger and that was the perfect title for Camilla.

  • Brit1

    Who the fuck cares, all the royal family are nothing but a bunch of freeloading assholes anyways and a bane on our countries economy so to hell with them all.

    • Anonymous

      Well put !