Rebecca Soteros Furious With Paul Walker Will

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[imagebrowser id=1337] REBECCA McBrain (or Rebecca Soteros, depending where you read!) isn’t happy.

Paul Walker‘s baby mama ex is apparently furious that the tragic actor left their 15-year-old daughter, Meadow Walker, his entire $25 million fortune in his will.

Paul, 40, died November 30 at the age of 40. Details of his will leaked online Tuesday.

Meadow lived with Paul and his girlfriend Jasmine in Los Angeles up until he died.

Rebecca McBrain dated Walker in 1998. The relationship ended soon after Meadow’s birth in 1999.

“Rebecca is pleased that Paul is able to provide for his daughter, but she thinks leaving her his entire $25 million fortune is irresponsible,” said an insider.

“She wants their daughter to grow up and earn her own money, and not become another self-entitled Hollywood brat. That’s part of the reason Rebecca and Meadow lived in Hawaii all these years.”

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  • Michael Trujillo

    This chick married the drummer for the rock band Iron Maiden. Most woman don’t date one star in their lifetime……..Coincidence or?

  • Tyler

    Well 25 million is a lot to leave a child, but I don’t think Paul Walker intended to die so young. By the time he probably expected to die at old age, his daughter would be well over 40. As for Rebecca Soteros, she’s technically right that its too much to leave to a child, but it was in his will. And she and Paul were together for what? No more than 2 years? They basically only dated and they ‘accidentally’ had a child together. It obviously wasn’t planned.

  • Lola Sorento

    Rebecca is totally right! I found more info and pics here, hope paul’s kid doesnt become another bieber!

  • Joshua Leubner

    That will is from 2001. At that time she was I think 2 years old & Paul was just doing what he though was right at the time. He admitted to living the party life back then so maybe he was just covering his tracks to make sure is daughter would be ok. But it seems the older he got, the more mature & settled he got. I seriously doubt he was thinking in the same way. 25 million is a lot but with good parenting from her mom & surrounding herself with people that truly care for her, I think she’ll be ok.

  • ANC

    Seriously, get your reporting right. The woman in the picture is NOT Meadow’s mom….why do they keep using this pic????? Also, there were zero indications that he was living with his girlfriend….why say that????
    The woman who married the rock star is not the same person….they just share the same name!!!

  • Mandy Lynn

    Here is a picture of Meadow Walker’s mom, Rebecca Soteros. I don’t know why websites keep stating that Meadow’s mom is Rebecca McBrain that is married to the Iron Maiden drummer. You can clearly see that Meadow looks exactly like her mom. My sincere condolences go out to Rebecca, Meadow and the rest of Paul’s family.

  • Elmo

    Meadow deserves it and is the rightful inheriter. Plus, it’s his will. That should be the end of the debate right there.