Michelle Obama Writing Tell-All Memoir?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

michelle-obamaMICHELLE Obama is telling all!

A source has revealed to our friends at the National Enquirer that the First Lady is in talks for a a $15 million memoir that will rip the lid off President Barack Obama’s secret extramarital hijinks and public flirta­tions with other women.

“Michelle has suffered in silence, while Barack ignored her to live it up surrounded by adoring beauties,” an insider said.

“She’s fed up, and she’s going to use a poison-pen memoir of her White House years to get revenge on him.

“The book will be based on her diaries and tell the world about Barack’s flirting, drinking and hanging out with fawning women. Mi­chelle doesn’t want to come away as Hillary Clinton, who stood by her man Bill when he cheat­ed like a dog, but as a strong woman.

“Michelle feels she’s been made a laughingstock on the world stage, and she plans to get her revenge with this memoir.

“Michelle knows this book will create tremendous problems for Barack. But she feels that after what he’s put her through, he deserves it.

“Barack asked Michelle to not start writing her book until AFTER his sec­ond term ends. He told her she’d have a better perspective on things. But deep down, he knows that she’s been rip-roaring furious at him and he knows he’s going to come out looking really bad.

“In her memoir, she plans to write about the many times Barack humiliated her by throwing him­self at other women while she was just a few feet away – and she’s going to name names!

“She’ll write how Hillary used her Secre­tary of State position as a springboard for her own presidential aspirations and also how she and Bill were always just thinking about themselves.

“She also believes the Bidens gave her no respect, and she was incensed when one TV analyst called Jill the ‘best-looking campaigner in the race.’”

Michelle will also blast peo­ple who criticized her for her extravagant vacations that cost taxpayers millions.

“Michelle will write that the trips she took were deserved and that her critics should ‘get a life,’” said the source. “Af­ter all, she says that Nancy Reagan spent bundles in the White House, and no one criticized Jackie Kennedy for her trips to Europe.

“Michelle is definitely out for blood, but Barack will be the one who feels the full force of her fury!”



  • Jim Gilhooly

    who care him and her are a disgrace to this country