Victoria Beckham to send her puppy to rehab

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Victoria Beckham at welcome party
Footballer’s wife Victoria Beckham is packing her pet dog ‘Twiggy’ off to rehab, so it’s house-trained and ready to live in Victoria’s plush new Los Angeles mansion.

Victoria is checking the Yorkshire terrier into a “boot camp” once it arrives in the city.

The singer told reporters: “Twiggy’s in quarantine for the next six weeks. I’m not that keen on having the dog at all but the boys love it.
“As soon as it gets here I’m going to send it to a boot camp for dogs as it keeps peeing and poohing everywhere.” Victoria and her soccer ace husband David Beckham recently moved to the U.S. from their home in Spain, after the soccer star signed from Real Madrid to play for L.A.

Nothing says ‘ditsy bitch’ like sending your dog to rehab!