Eva Mendes does her gardening in the nude

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eva Mendes

Actress Eva Mendes has said that she is so comfortable in her own skin, she even weeds her flowerbeds and trims her bushes while she’s completely naked.

Eva said: “I love being naked. I do everything in the nude, even the gardening!

“We’re Cuban, and it’s a hot island. Why not go nude?”

However, Mendes was not so happy about stripping off in front of the cameras for her new movie with Joaquin Phoenix ‘We Own the Night’, which opens with Eva’s raunchiest ever sex scene.

33-year-old Eva was apparently so nervous, she had to get drunk to shoot the scene.

She said: “It’s not a natural thing on camera, so it’s always going to be a little awkward.

“It was tough. That morning I was so nervous that the director was like, ‘Why don’t you put a little vodka in your orange juice?’ So I did. It took the edge off.

“It’s weird to see myself in bed with Joaquin up on the big screen. I told my mom she has to come 15 minutes late. She wouldn’t live through that first scene – she’d have a heart attack. The poor lady would keel over in the movie theatre.”

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  • Dee Sagar

    She must have a garden indoors,these people will do and say anything for the appeal factor,she admits that she saunters around naked yet she was nervous doing her sex scene in her latest film …I mean girlfriend you are cuban and most cuban women are like the beatles and virgins ….there due for a comeback

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  • Visitor

    She has learned from the best and recognizes that a pretty face can only get her so far — talent eventually must take over.
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  • Jdub

    Regarding the porn issue….ummm yeah, she did. A full 15 minute lesbian scene. It’s out there and I’ve seen it. There is no doubt about it. Don’t be naive and sorry to burst your bubbles.

  • http://www.alarmsysteminfo.com Alarm System %0A

    even mendes is a bit old now but she is still smokin hot and i wanna marry her ::~

  • http://www.nudistconnect.com Dana

    I love being naked. I do everything in the nude, even the gardening!
    Yeah, she is a nudist. Being nude is wonderful.
    Begin with a short stay so you don’t get overwhelmed. Eva Mendes is great, she is not shy about this. She is natural and pretty. Maybe she is appreciate to go to http://nudistconnect.com promote the nudism.

  • http://heartbreak750aol.com Daniel P. Wilkins.

    Everyone should garden in the nude. nude is not lewd. Lewd is a behavior irresponsible people do, usually while drunk, or on drugs, or their parents forgot to teach them some manners growing up, such as how to treat a woman — clothed or nude, it shouldn’t matter.

  • Surfin USA

    Re: the above comments. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah… but like a lot of normal everyday guys this bit of information is going to change my outlook all day. Eva and you ladies love to tease us to charge up the hormone! I’ll be looking out the window to see what the new lady moving in down the street looks like and if she is a gardening freak.

  • Mark

    Do you people actully believe this? She is only saying this to hike up her sex appeal factor. Who would garden naked with paps all over the place including the air. You would think she would be too busy to do her own gardening and would hire a gardener. Maybe she is hard up on work these days.

  • sam

    how can Eva Mendez be so upset about a sex scene when she has done porn??

  • David

    Amen to the first 2 comments. Finally, there are a few people who agree with me and my beliefs that nude is not lewd. I’ve gone to many online websites about nudism and so, I’ve seen it all before on all kinds of people. Celebs that are uncomfortable with nudity should visit a nudist place or two. Maybe then, they will be more comfortable in their own skin, learn to love their bodies, and hopefully, follow in Eva’s footsteps of doing normal things in the nude.


    I don’t think Eva has done porn… get your facts right before you type.

  • pinkdate

    naked gals are always brave enough to show their nice bodies ….there are a lot of pics of beau naked gals… hahah

  • David

    In response to the comment asking how Eva can be upset about a sex scene when she has done porn…first of all, like the February 3rd comment said, she hasn’t done porn. And, secondly, being nude is all natural. It’s different from sex, so I can understand her discomfort for shooting a sex scene which has nothing to do with normal non-sexual nudity.

  • al

    she has done porn I dont know how many scenes but I have seen one lesbo AND IT IS HER AND SHE LOOKS GREAT! I was sceptical at first but right away u can tell by her teeth lips voice and tits it’s eva mendez in a lesbo porn scene and it is out there! any body wants to see it I’ll tell u were