Colin Farrell

Monday, October 15, 2007


  • LizENews

    Sorry for all of you standing in line to hopefully nab Colin Farrell, but the man is now off the market again. Three weeks ago while filming in Vancouver Canada, Farrell flew into a torrent outrage about an individual working on the set leaking information about his new romantic interest. The woman has had a working relationship dating back to 2005 with Farrell as a pilot for him and his family. During the summer of 2007, things turned to more of a personal note for the two.
    There are issues to overcome between the pair as the woman is Roman Catholic, legally separated and seeking full anulment, and if not granted, then divorce outside of the church. Now for the even better part, her estranged husband is a higher up in the Knights Of Columbus organization, and is fighting the separation by calling in various states Bishops to intervene. Seems he can’t live with the thought of Farrell having ‘close knowledge’ of his wife.
    Farrell gathered cast and crew and after subjecting them to his version of Fear Factor kindly explained his new ‘friends’ legal issues and woes, and asked for all conversation regarding him and her to cease.
    It’s always so much more interesting when Colin’s love life involve church affairs.