Guy Ritchie denies marriage was at breaking point when Madonna adopted David Banda

October 27, 2007 by dino

Madonna’s husband, Guy Ritchie has denied that their marriage was at breaking point when she adopted 2-year-old Malawian toddler, David Banda – and insisted that the child – who Madonna controversially took out of Africa last October after she was granted an 18-month interim adoption order – has quickly settled into his new family and they couldn’t be happier.

He said: “He’s part of the family now. We haven’t talked about the adoption for ages – he’s part of us.

“We don’t talk about it. We haven’t talked about it for the past six months.

“It was only in the first month when the adoption was going through – since then we’ve all been getting on with our lives and it hasn’t been mentioned. That’s par for the course. He’s part of the family.”

Madonna caused massive controversy after the adoption, after being accused of using her huge celebrity status to fast track her adoption of David land the criticism was rumoured to have put a strain on her relationship with Guy, whom she married in December 2000.

The couple – who also have a seven-year-old son, Rocco, together – are now just weeks away from being granted permanent custody of baby David.

The singer, who recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with concert promoter Live Nation – is set to appear before Malawi’s high court in November for a review of the temporary adoption order, and is expected that the hearing will declare Madonna and husband Guy David’s legal parents.

The decision comes after the head of Malawi’s Social Services, Simon Chisale, visited the couple to assess their suitability as parents.

Chisale – who spent three days with Madonna, Guy and her two other children at the family’s London mansion – praised Madonna for “looking like the perfect mum”.