Simon Cowell appears on an episode of Family Guy

Monday, November 12, 2007

Simon CowellSimon Cowell enjoyed another one of his legendary American Idol rants – on an episode of Family Guy.

The British judge, along with Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, watched popular character Stuey audition for the hit talent show.

After the boy had finished a hilarious version of Debbie Gibson’s ‘Lost in your Eyes’, Cowell let rip with his criticisms.

“Stuey, what the hell was that?” he asked, with the real Idol judge providing the voiceover for his animated self.

“One of the worst I’ve ever heard. Stuey you shouldn’t actually be alive, you sniveling little creep.

“I hate you so much I want to shoot you in your face.”

Playing up to her stereotypically softer side, Paula added: “Honey I like you, but you’re just not right for the competition.”

Randy, on the other hand, was less forgiving.

“Yo dawg, I’ve got to tell you – for me man, that was not even half good dude.

“You can’t sing. What are you doing Stuey?”

Stuey left the audition room in tears, vowing to prove the judges wrong.


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    paula was funnier than simon (as always)