Russell Brand speaks out about his stay in rehab for sex addiction

Friday, November 16, 2007

Russell BrandSelf-confessed sex addict Russell Brand has spoken out about his stay in rehab for his sex addiction.

The comedian, who is now taking a vow of celibacy, says the clinic made him realise his addiction wasn’t that bad.

Brand said: “The sex addict centre put things in perspective. Some of them were right pervs.

“I came out and thought it’s not that bad, I’ve just got a bit of a eye for the ladies so I behave myself.”

Brand spent 30 days in the KeyStone clinic in Philadelphia after discovering that fame was like a ‘Wonka ticket to a sex factory’.

The former heroin addict admits that at one point he had a harem of about ten woman who he’d rotate.

“It’s now 22.5 days of celibacy that I’ve achieved. It’s going quite well,” he said.

Brand also revealed how his agent sent fake bailiffs to his house to teach him a lesson about paying his bills on time.

John Noel got so fed up waiting for payment he decided to play a joke on Brand.

Brand said: “That was out of order that was. Out of nowhere he said I wasn’t paying my bills quickly enough. He sent two people, actors they were, round my house pretending to be bailiffs.

“They knocked on the door and said we’ve come to get your television because you’ve not paid your council tax. I said I don’t know what council tax is.

“I phoned John up and said there are people here who want my television. They spoke to him for a while and I begrudgingly gave them my television set.

“I was phoning up Camden council asking what was going on then John revealed he’d set up the whole thing for a joke.

“One of the bailiffs had a camera in his hat. John sat me down in front of a television set and there was I opening the door in my underpants. I looked awful. It was embarrassing,” said Brand on Channel 4′s The Paul O’Grady Show.


  • telson

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  • mae edwards

    Before saying an addiction is “silly”… know a little more about it. If you are not an addict, trust me, you have no clue what you’re talking about. It’s no joke, it ruins lives and relationships like any other addiction, and it takes a desperate and courageous person to admit to the problem and undergo treatment.

  • Come on!

    I find sex addiction really silly. I would have understood if he would have gone in an alcohol rehab… or a Drug Rehab… but sex addiction center?! I am wondering what the treatment is. :P