Heath Ledger linked to Heather Graham and Gemma Ward

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heath LedgerHeath Ledger has been linked to two more Hollywood hotties.

The Brokeback Mountain star has already stepped out with Helena Christensen and Kate Hudson since his split from partner Michelle Williams.

Now the Aussie star has reportedly set his sights on actress Heather Graham and Australian supermodel Gemma Ward. “He’s following Gemma around everywhere,” an insider told the New York Post.

“He somehow finds out where she is going to be then miraculously shows up to the parties or bars where she is. “She is definitely not interested.”

Over the Thanksgiving holiday Ledger was spotted chatting up Graham at New York’s ‘Gonzales y Gonzales’ restaurant and was ‘flirting heavily’ with her. “He ignored everyone except Heather and then told her ‘We should hang out sometime.’

“She agreed, they exchanged numbers, but then he just bolted. He was basically only there to pick up a chick.”

A representative for Ledger did not return calls for comment.


  • Harriett

    Heath and Heather dated back in 2000 for a year or so. They met whilst shooting different movies in Prague in (A Knight’s Tale and From Hell, respectively) and he took her to Australia to meet his parents etc, as he does with all his girlfriends. They broke up because a year later paps took photos of him all over a girl in a nightclub and Heather quickly ended it. He then went back to his old sweetheart, Aussie model Chrissie Cauchi, and dumped her a few months later for Naomi Watts when he met her whilst filming Ned Kelly. As you all know, she was mysteriously replaced by Michelle Williams two years later, and I say mysteriously because it seemed like he had been really into Naomi. It is obvious he has a thing for pretty girls and tires of them when they get too into him. Shame he’s getting bold and ugly now, maybe that’s his punishment for being such a user.

  • me=]

    R.i.P Heath xxxxxx

  • Anon

    Um… Didn’t get many of the facts right did you? Firstly, as someone already mentioned, Heather Graham was his ex and so your little story is pretty unlikely. Secondly, if Gemma Ward wanted nothing to do with him, why has her sister come out saying that the three of them hung out at Christmas in Perth, going tot he movies etc? ANd to the person above, pretty sure he was broken up with Naomi when he got together with Michelle.

    In any case… what a tragedy, his poor family…

  • de4fr

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