Trinny and Susannah get grannies grooving

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trinny WoodallStyle gurus Trinny and Susannah got grannies grooving at London’s most famous nightclub.

The fashionistas set out to prove age doesn’t mean you have to hold back in life and took dozens of pensioners on a shopping spree on Oxford Street before getting them to strut their stuff on the dance floor at the Ministry of Sound.

The hosts of ITV show Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation set out to understand the ageing process but were given a shock when experts showed them graphics of how they could look in 25 years.

Susannah Constantine faced her demons by being transformed into a 70-year-old granny.

Plastic surgeons dressed the 45-year-old in a full body suit and applied a prosthetic mask complete with wrinkles and crows feet to her face.

Seeing her reflection in the mirror, she said: “You poor soul. I’m just like my mother. “There is no way I’m going to look like this when I’m 70. I will not dress like this and I will not allow my face to become like this.”

Meanwhile fellow guru Trinny Woodall, 43, didn’t escape the ageing process. She claimed to be relaxed about the prospect of growing old until a photo of how she would look as a  70-year-old caused her to quickly change her mind.

She said: “Oh my god. I must never go in the sun again.”