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Ashlee Simpson banned from bringing Pete Wentz home for Christmas

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Ashlee SimpsonAshlee Simpson has been banned from bringing her boyfriend Pete Wentz home for Christmas, it has been claimed.

The pop star’s dad Joe Simpson, a former Baptist preacher, is reportedly preventing rocker Wentz from attending the Simpson festive holiday.

At the center of the alleged problem is Wentz’s interview with Blender magazine in which he claimed to have kissed other men.

“Joe was skeptical about the relationship from the start,” an insider told Star magazine.

“There is a rumour that Pete tried to commit suicide, but with the news of his possible bisexuality, Joe blew his top.”

The news has not gone down well with Ashlee. “She is upset, but she values her dad’s opinions and has agreed.”

  • grace

    hhaaaaa i hope she was lonely this christmas like what the hell..poor pete having 2 put up with that stupid imature A.s.s =ashley stupid simpson she cant even sing right pete is way too sexy 4 her i also tape her face 2 adart board pete can do so muchj better im glad they are not married why dosent a.s.s suicide …inget so mad seeing them 2gether kissing friends kissing yah right…

  • Dirk

    Weird thing to happen

  • nichole

    yayy!!! there not together in the holidays!

  • ash

    yayy there not together for the holidays! yeah

  • Julia

    lol thats strange……
    petes a really nice guy, i dont see why its a problem.
    but ashlee and pete arent the best couple. he should have stayed with michelle trachtenburgg

  • Alexandra

    WTF, loser dad?
    Arrgh, I hate that guy.
    She should be able to spend Christmas with anyone she wants, and Pete’s a great guy anyway!
    Those of you being happy about this –
    do you care about Pete?
    If you do, you would know that he would have liked to spend Christmas with his girlfriend and he must be pretty bummed out about it.
    Want Pete to be sad?]:
    Hopefully, this is just a rumour.

  • Aimee

    Good she doesnt deserve him anyways

    she a plastic lip syncing slut!


  • http://... Sae

    those of Pete, i dunt see why you have to make fun of them or say their a bad couple.
    if she makes him happy then you should be ok with that.

  • Kelly

    that is totally lame.
    I see how Ashlee’s dad is like that because well he’s just like that. But if Ashlee’s stupid enough to listen to daddy 24-7 then she’s not worth it.I mean come on she’s what 23 years old? If I was in pete’s place, I would be pretty pissed. and if I was Ashlee I wouldn’t listen to my dad for one second. Sad thing is though is that it’s like her dad is controlling this relationship, so it’s only a matter of time until he tells her to dump pete and of course she will listen

  • Chey

    I heard on TRL that that’s a total lie (sadly).As it turns out Papa Joe Simpson wants him over for x-mas.
    And person above me,i tottaly agree.She needs to grow up.
    There’s plenty of other ppl out there for Mr. Panda
    He should go for a brunette(real one)next time.

  • Meg

    I love ashlee’s dad I think i wood kiss him if I er met him I lo9ve that the less time they spend togethr the less time they will stay togethr i also think that u hav 2 b pretty stupid 2 nt no that pete is bi its pretty obvious just look him up on google i cant wait until they split up i get so mad wen i c pics of them kissing i tape her face 2 a dartboard and pretend she’s the bullseye