JK Rowling speaks out about the depression that inspired her to write Harry Potter books

Monday, December 31, 2007

JK RowlingBest-selling author JK Rowling has spoken out about the depression and difficult childhood that inspired her to write the Harry Potter books.

At one point she suffered so severely with depression that she woke every morning expecting to find her baby daughter dead.

Joanne Rowling made the revelation after agreeing to let a film crew follow her for a year in the life of documentary during the release of her latest novel Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She admitted the Harry Potter series began as an attempt to reclaim her childhood and even ends the series by giving Harry Potter a family.

She said: “I was very frightened of my father for a very long time and also tried desperately to get his approval and make him happy.

” Then there came a point I couldn’t do that any more so I haven’t had any contact with my father now for a few years.”

Rowling’s mother Anne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when Rowling was 15 and died in 1990 completely unaware of the success her daughter was about to become.

The mother of three admits her mother’s painful death influenced her writing. “It has seeped into every part of the books,” she said. “She would have odd losses of feelings in limbs, her balance was poor for a long time and then it got worse and worse and she decided it was time to visit the doctor.

“She had a very virulent form of the illness and at that time there were no drug treatments at all.”

The hit author opened her heart by admitting she regrets not seeing her mother’s body before her funeral.

“I wanted to see her but my father didn’t want me to see her and I mistakenly agreed not to,” she said. “I deeply regret that. I really wish I’d seen her. It didn’t matter what she looked like. It would have made thing easier.”

Depression hit Rowling when her first marriage to a television journalist broke down after just two years. She had moved to Portugal to teach English and gave birth to her first daughter Jessica. She said: “I’d had a short and quite catastrophic marriage. “I had to get my baby back to Britain and re-build us a life and adrenaline kept me going.

“It was only when I came to rest it hit me what a complete mess I had made of my life. That hit me quite hard.

“We were as skint as you can be without being homeless and at that point I was definitely clinically depressed.

“That was characterised my a numbness, a coldness and an inability to believe you will feel happy again. All the colour drained out of life.”

Rowling hit an all-time low when she convinced herself something awful was destined to happen to her two-year-old daughter. She said: “I loved Jessica very very much and was terrified something was going to happen to her. “I’d gone into that very depressive mind set where everything has gone wrong so this one good thing in my life will now go wrong as well.

“It was almost a surprise to me every morning that she was still alive. I kept expecting her to die. It was a bad bad time.”

Film crews took Rowling back to the flat a few miles from Edinburgh where she overcame depression by writing first novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Tears began to flow as she walked into the small lounge room where she first put pen to paper.

She said: “This is really where I turned my life around completely. My life changed so much in this flat.

“I feel I really became myself here. Everything was stripped away. I’d made such a mess of things. I just thought I want to write so I wrote the book. What was the worst that could happen? It could get turned down by every publisher in Britain. Big deal.”

As she walked into the bedroom she spotted the whole Harry Potter series on the current owner’s bookshelf. “If it all disappeared this is where I would come back to,” she said. “Because it’s such a well worn part of my story now it’s a big yawn to hear how I wrote it as if it was some publicity stunt I did for a year, but it was my life and it was very hard.

“I didn’t know it was going to be this fairy tale resolution. Coming back here is just full of ghosts.”

Rowling revealed how she wished to be a writer since her childhood but says she never expected the fame that has come with it. “I wished to be published and I wished more than anything in the world to be a writer,” she said. “It never occurred to me in a million years that people would search my dustbins, put a long lens camera on me on the beach or bang on the door of one of my oldest friends and offer her money to talk about me.”

Rowling has ruled out writing any more Harry Potter books but let slip she is working on a new novel. “It’s definitely time to stop now. I don’t want to write any more Hogwarts books,” she said.

“I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my life.”

Rowling described her new novel as a political fairy tale. She said: “I’m not in a mad hurry to publish, I would like to take my time. I’ve lived with deadlines for ten years and I’m currently able to luxuriate that no one’s really expecting it so I feel as if I’ve gone right back to the beginning where I was with the Philospher’s Stone in my own private world.

“I’d really like to enjoy that sole possession for a little while,” she said on ITV’s JK Rowling, A Year in the Life.


  • annie

    i have read j.k rollings harry potter books and i never would have guessed such wonderful books could come out of such depression i find myself in high spirits when i write but i guess every author is different j.k has definitely inspired me.

  • aubrey

    hi i’m in 6th grade and I’m doing a whole report on our favorite author. I chose J.K. Rowling because I love Harry Potter. I need to know some more things about her like what she plans to do in the future, more inspirations, and more about her life. If you can do that THANKS!!!!!!

  • natasha amaru shakur

    heyy. i love you yatin.. and i love u JK!! wish hARRY NEVER GREW UP..

  • anoushae

    I love J.k rowling she opened the door which led me to love books I agree with u i wish she hadnt let harry grow up.

  • http://showbizspy.com Alsotodoloo

    Its a good thing she made so much money from the Harry Potter Books. The first publishers were rude not to publish her book when she took it to them

  • rockstar babe

    thanks 4 da help lol

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    In the last paragraph of the top article, Rowling has this to say;

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      Read the facts, on mylord.amplify.com, and comment all you like. What is written is true. The creator of the Harry Potter story concept is an Australian man. The story of Harry Potter took the creator, Gregory Simcock, almost 17 years to construct.

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  • kennyj2009

    you frikin jerks that are trying to take credit away from her, shut the hell up. she is an amazing writer, and you guys are just trying to find something wrong with her because your jealous that you didnt come up with the idea yourself, and youll never be as rich and famous as she is. its really sad that you guys are trying to tear down such a nice person to feel better about yourselves, and that you would spend so much time trying to find evidence (which isnt true) against her.

  • trollinthedungeon

    Yoou evil people saying that she didnt come up with harry potter how do u know that you stupid ‘evidence’ is true
    ur just jealous u evil fatties.
    y dont u go sit on ur bff’s hamburger!

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  • Tyko Brian

    To Mr. Gregory Ronald Simcock,

    Dear Mr. Simcock, I guess you and your followers/accomplices are one of the world’s most pathetic people. How dare you even try to steal Rowling’s name?? Now as I am a Rowling fan, for her sake I’ll behave and control my usage of profanity and give you some nice advice: if you think you can’t earn a decent living to save your life then I think you can all leave us behind and jump in a lake: trust me, even your mother won’t regret it: seriously!! So, there you have it laddie- a nice polite response of a potterhead: but be warned-all of us are not that polite -don’t make us push you to that lake now!!! :P

  • Berend

    i, just cant believe it. I littarly cant.
    I always thought Jo to be one of my hero’s but
    these rumors about her do sound reliable.
    I tried to one of the books now.. but i cant. The idea that every single word has been stolen breaks me, Harry Potter is ruined for me now!!!

  • bazing

    Simcock is a story-stealing douche bag. Yeah buddy. Everyone knows its not difficult to post a second comment under a false name agreeing with your bullshit story on here. NO ONE BELIEVES YOU. YOU ARE PATHETIC. And the saddest part is that you seem to actually believe the lies you post on here. And on other websites as well, no doubt (youtube?) Talentless piece of shit…

  • Maddy

    Im doing a book review on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and also researching about the author, Thankyou i found this very interesting and helpful. I love harry potter !!!

  • http://mylord.amplify.com/The_True_Origins_Of_Harry_Potter Mylord

    If your interested in hearing the original creator of the Harry Potter story narrate a five page article then a link to the mp3 voice file is posted on http://www.mylord.amplify.com

    Be aware: The original creator of the Harry Potter story is a man. The simple truth is that his designed stories, written material, and artwork, got stolen from his home and somehow the Harry Potter stories material made it to England. Unless you read what I have written you don’t know the truth to the origin of the story of Harry Potter.

  • Karoline

    You don’t have ANY reliable evidence. You just come up with a lot of “facts” you can’t prove. Prove it, and maybe I’ll believe you…

  • Ananya

    I cannot imagine my life without Harry Potter …… I have practically GROWN up with harry and the others ! :') 

    THANK YOU JK Rowling for writing such an amazing series ! :')
    (I wish i could express myself better but words are failing me at the moment :P )

  • Cool Girls25

    THX for writing great HARRY POTTER books they are awesome my favourite book iss HARRY POTTER AND PHILSOHER”S STONE! Hope u can create more different books in the future:)

  • Paulg1paulg

    Harry Potter books are awesome ! I really wish I could meet J.K. Rowling . Did you also make the Harry Potter movies ? You are a great author . Was it scary thinking your daughter was dead every morning? When you finished writing the series of Harry Potter did you stop feeling sad ?Hope you anser all of my questions other wise I would freak out !Do you like writeing books ? Do you write any more books ? What other books have you writein ?

    • Annie672

      I SO wish i could meet her also i am thinking of writing a bookmy self i had a very depressing and sad chilhood and have been depressed becuase of it and i think if i could write a bookand make it into something like harry potter i wouldnt hurt my family they wouldnt see it as embarassing them. but i think its time i have so many thuoghts and word put on paper i guess i need to start working on it.and maybe it will make a difference in  my life

  • Anonymous

    AMAZING books!!!

  • rawrkidd

    AMAZING books!!!

  • Guest

    J.K. Rowling, you are such an inspiration for a fellow sufferer of depression! I am so happy for the success you have had. Your books are brilliant. They made my childhood. I wish you luck in the future.

  • nayyap153

    I think that J.K.Rowling has lived through a lot of ups and downs in her life but she has lived her dream and still is so she inspirational to me.

  • guest

    so einsteins right…imagination is definitely more important than knowledge!

  • Sarah

    You are my fav author ever, your story inspires me so much that I am writing a report on you! Love you soooooo much!! :)

  • Jake

    wow..an author whose life is entangled in a mesh….still believed that there was still some magic in this dark gloomy world…found solace in a world of her own…you are inspire me..you really do..

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Buddy-Russell/100000637252768 Buddy Russell

    Don’t praise this Hellbounder ! She’s teaching Witchcraft & Sorcery to your children . Bible says witches ,sorcerers ,wizards who peep (Clairvoyants), necromancers (Mediums) all have a place reserved in the Lake of Fire . Is that what you want for your children ?

    • Merial

      Just because its about witchcraft doesn’t mean it should be abolished. Parents should just censor their children’s reading. Wait until they are old enough to understand that this is all a made up story. I’m a pastors kid and I love the storyline of HP, but I know that witchcraft and spells and wizards are not real and should not be made real. But you are entitled to your opinion so no judgement just thought I’d tell you my opinion as well. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Buddy-Russell/100000637252768 Buddy Russell

    SMH ! What in GODS name does depression have to do, with teaching witchcraft to kids ? Did SATAN tell her being his bitch would relieve her stress? these kids posting have read every book about HP ,but I guarantee they’ve never cracked the cover of a Bible, This is such a shame ,and it’s the worthless ,Godless parents, that allow their kids to fall prey to these Abominations against GOD. Bible says the Last generation shall not know GOD ,JK Rowling is helping make sure of that !

    • Mara C.

      first of all, notall parts of the harry potter series are to be taken literally. it is a
      literary piece. it is set in a fantasy world. some of its elements are
      metaphorical, especially magic. second, true witchcraft is not related to the
      devil. satan is a figure in the christian faith, not witchcraft. for more info,
      read about wicca, a recognized religion.
      in addition to that, rowling made use of bible verses as quotes on certain
      tombstones in Deathly Hallows

    • Niamh

      It is a fantasy world that is full of magical adventures that distracts you from any bad aspect in your life.
      The books teach some very valuable lessons…I have learnt a lot from 7 books.

    • Lala

      Also while i have read all 7 HP books AND the Bible, JK based aspects of the book on her depression, (Dementors and the Patronuses that chase away the evil with light and good, happy feelings from friendship and family) JK didn’t write her books deliberately to appose god ect. and what ‘witchcraft’ can you learn from a FICTITIOUS novel?!

  • guest

    um. she wrote harry potter and the sorcerers stone? not philosophers.

    • Alfie

      hahahaha wow you’re clearly such a fan, aren’t you. Do some Googling, plz.

  • http://lynmidnight.blogspot.com Lyn Midnight

    Ah, I needed to read this. After suffering bouts of depression and being on assistance myself, I’m reminded that my book needs to be written. It’s like giving birth to a child but not raising it when you start a book but don’t finish it. And Joanne has been the biggest inspiration in my life and writing. It is my greatest dream to be able to meet her one day. Now I’ve got to see that new book. :)

  • Mary

    J.K. Rowling is an inspiration to people everywhere. I did notice, though, this article had an extensive list of grammatical errors and misprints. An editor should read this over once more.

  • deirdre

    Thank you gir sharing your story. It gives me such hope. I am a mother if two. At age 38 I I was diagnosed with MS. It sucks. But i totally go go and go. At night. When its quiet thats when I was write.just for me. Its my time. My chatachters keeo me onmy toes.keep me

  • Anonymous

    Jo Rowling is a plagiarist. She has written-up my stories I created over almost 17 years and taken my stories on a trip you have enjoyed over the series of novels and films. It is a set of stories I created to be made into films from the very first thought of the concept story of children exploring castles in England and Scotland. I was a cinema projectionist in the Australian Army in 1978 when I had to screen a short film to children in the Royal Military School of Duntroon, Canberra and I was so delighted by the children’s presence and reaction to the simple film I screened to them as their teacher read the story from a little golden book. As I carried the projection equipment back to the Army vehicle I thought of my remaining years in the Army and what I would leave with after my six years service. I decided then that I would create the best children film story and as I drove away from the preschool I had on my mind the idea of children exploring fields of green grass among dark and scary forests of strange and weird animals. After nine years I had sustained a lower-back injury, tinnitus, and a knee injury. I was not allowed to sign on for extra service so I was out of employment. I sat in my home I purchased, after discharge, and had little money and furnishings, so I began the task of drawing the story-boards for the stories I had formed during my years in the cinema trade in the Army. My stories included: The Lion King, Finding NEMO, A Fish Called Wanda, Thomas And The Magic Railroad, TERMINATOR, TITANIC – A Love Story, Crocodile Dundee, and AVATAR! I am not joking. What I reveal to you here is very true. My life’s private work of my intelligence in the form of hundreds of stories and inventions got stolen and I was unable to get help from police because I didn’t have a witness or photographic evidence of the theft of my work. That has meant the people who have made off with my work of a great lot of art and designed inventions in detail, many designs ready for production, have been able to continue to production my original creations and promote them as their own. Jo Rowling has said she thought she was a plagiarist. Figure out why she claimed the Harry Potter story came to her fully formed! I tell you the answer: It was I created the stories over many years with my drawings being replaced with better drawings as and when I drew them with dedication and a need to provide the best artwork I could provide that was destined to be received by producers. My loss of art and designs was only one matter I had to deal with. There was the damage to my property done to delay my realization that I had lost my work and then there was the lack of help when I asked for it. I had also lost memory from some unknown cause. Along with those things to have to deal with there was my emotional state of mind that I endured after accepting the fact that my life-long goals had been destroyed as my inventor status would never be realized. People have died along the path of deception and deceit people have gone on as my stories were written-up and promoted. You must believe in what is true and I have told that here. It is up to you to wake-up from your numb mind after its been cunningly kept unaware of the real goings on out of your earshot and eyes. I am an inventor of many things. I served nine years as a cinema projectionist. I was in the military with its force in that time and among well facilitated educators and I worked with the second best tools one could have to educate and entertain others like you. With cinema projectors and films at my use I had the best of both worlds. One was fictional while the other was the real world. Well wishes towards Jo Rowling show the known author to have been well liked and appreciated but she knows she is a plagiarist. I accept that she has done well by writing-up and publishing my stories but I don’t have to accept the fact that it was my stories she wrote-up and promoted as her own stories without any credit to me for having originally created them with my knowledge, effort, and drawings setting the visual component of my main story one might saying, after viewing my work graphically presenting it: “God, I, I’d love to write that!” Read the facts at: (artifacts.yolasite.com)

  • Riley Wichelmann

    J.k. Rowling is the best auther

  • Jake

    J.K. Rowling, our past is simmilar, ive been homless and ive dreampt of being an author since I was rather younge and sophomoric. Yet, reading your books and learning your past has inspired me to relive my dreams and hope to write it big, currently I’m fifteen and suffering cronic depression, (which I am seeing treatment for) life has been a watterfall, crashing down and spraying up in my face. for years now. I now dream of meeting you! If you could help my writing career could you please message me requiemofretribution@gmail.com!!! thanks so much for taking the time to read this if you did >.< Have a wonderful day!

  • Natsu


  • Guest

    I feel sorry when i hear about how much you have suffered in the past. But you managed to write some amazing, breathtaking books, and I read the Harry Potter books for my daughter and son every night. They are as magically captured på them as i was the first time I read it. You are are fantastic person and an incredible author. Even though there won’t be released another Harry Potter book, the magic still lives on in our hearts.

  • Niamh

    JK Rowling has inspired me to try and overcome depression and has made me realised how much I actually like writing and how I want to be a writer one day.

  • Allison and Claire

    I feel so bad for her. She is just SUCH and amazing writer. But everyone goes through there struggles once in a while. So I really really really REALLY wish her the best

  • Cheryl Kohler

    It is wonderful that something so interesting and positive came out of such a bad time in the life of J.K. Rowling. As a mom of 4 children, I am grateful to her in so many ways…for writing something interesting and difficult that grew with my children. This is such a fine individual work I don’t believe it could ever have appeared in the superficial consumer culture we have in the US. Thank you, Ms. Rowling, for all the hard work. And knowing your history of depression and how awful that must have been, I will shudder anew whenever I read about dementors.

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    She had a great surrounding in her early days though. There’s a cafe (Elephant Bar) in Edinburgh that’s probably the most inspirational place in Scotland. Incidently it’s also where she started writing the first Harry Potter book, right below one of our apartments!

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