Nicole Richie due to give birth "in the next week"

January 10, 2008 by dino

Nicole RichieThe question that’s been on every self-respecting gossip hound’s mind for a while – “When will Nicole Richie give birth?” has finally been answered by none other than baby daddy’s  brother, Josh Madden.

“I think it’s sometime in the next week, that’s all we know,” he said last night. “We don’t know what it is, we don’t know any names.”

The pair, according to Richie, can’t agree on names for the baby, either.

On thing’s for sure, the uncle-to-be is sure his brother will make a great dad.

“He’s always had kids at heart,” Josh said of 28-year-old Joel “He kind of modeled his life like a role model and I’d say if he was having a kid or not that everything he’s done from the start is just going to be continued on.”

When asked if the ‘Good Charlotte’ frontman is ready to be a dad, Josh said, “Oh yeah, I think so.”

And is Josh ready for his responsibilities as an uncle? “I got them some clothes, that’s what I do,” he said. “It’s been ongoing for a while so it’s cool.”

Josh said he’s recently logged some quality time with both brothers and, of course, Richie.

“Christmas was awesome,” said Josh, whose younger sister Sarah also recently gave birth. “Nicole couldn’t fly, but we were all there. My sister’s baby was born on he 20th, so it was right before.”