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Nicole Kidman wants bigger boobs

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Nicole KidmanPregnant Nicole Kidman has revealed she has everything she wants in life – except big boobs.

The ‘Stepford Wives’ actress, who’s married to country music star Keith Urban – with whom she’s expecting her first child with, revealed: “I’m so happy. I can’t ask for anything more except big boobs. I’ve wanted Marilyn Monroe curves all my life.”

Meanwhile, Kidman’s rep was forced to deny reports the 40-year-old actress was drinking white wine at Sunday’s Academy Awards – branding the gossip columnist, Cindy Adams – who ran the report, an ‘idiot’.

New York Post columnist Adams ran this earlier on in the week: “Boozing backstage during the Oscarcast is a no-no. But if you’re pregnant Nicole Kidman it’s a yes- yes. She wanted white wine. She got it.”

Which lead to this response from her rep, Catherine Olim of PMK:

“Nicole Kidman most certainly did NOT drink white wine or any other alcoholic beverage backstage.

“She had water and lemon zinger tea. That’s it.

“I know, I was there with her I cannot remember that last time that Cindy Adams got anything right. She’s an idiot, and you can quote me.”

Kidman announced her pregnancy last month.