Pete Doherty turns to Islam

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pete DohertyJunkie rocker Pete Doherty has turned to Islam while locked up in jail — and is reading the Koran to help him cope with life inside.

The ‘Babyshambles’ star, 29, requested a translation of the Arabic book after being put in an isolated cell at London’s tough Wormwood Scrubs prison last week — and he is said to be “lapping it up”.

A source said: “He’s been reading the Koran since he went into segregation.

“He’s got a lot of Muslim friends and they’ve been on at him for ages to study it. Now he’s on his own he’s got time on his hands to study it.

“I’m surprised how much it has calmed him down as he was very on edge inside. He definitely seems more chilled. He’s lapping it up and really interested in it. I think it’s helping him in there.”

The rocker was given a 14 week sentence in the London prison for breaching probation by taking drugs.

It was recently reported that Pete had been having heroin in prison before inmates who gave him drugs on credit threatened to maim him and he was segregated for his own safety.


  • alisha

    allah bless him, you can see when ppl find their way in islam, they become clean and better.islam means peace and i think pete finally found peace….

  • Ada W.

    He’s the craziest guy I’ve ever heard about! Not that I find a crazy thing to read the Koran, but everything he does lacks the logic. He should wake up to real life, get in a drug treatment center and fix his problem.. oh, and hire a psychiatrist too!