Mariah Carey originally planned a $4m wedding to Nick Cannon

May 9, 2008 by dino

Mariah CareyMariah Carey had her heart set on a sumptuous wedding to Nick Cannon — but the groom-to-be put his foot down and Mariah scaled back her plans.

The 38-year-old singer — known for her diva demands — had arranged a $4m wedding, but Cannon said it was his way — a no-nonsense do — or the highway.

Mariah had: Ordered $1m worth orchards; booked a huge event at New York’s St Patrick’s Cathedral; arranged a pink carpet to be rolled out to announce her arrival at the Cathedral; ordered 60 white doves to be released while she and Nick were making their vows; and commissioned a $20,000 Vera Wang bridal gown and matching bridesmaids frocks.

The ‘Touch My Body’ singer even planned to give her guests goody bags, which included a personal DVD memento of the happy couple.

Instead, the couple last month opted to tie the knot in a low-key sunset ceremony at Mariah’s Caribbean home.

And now, because Mariah agreed to the small ceremony, pals reckon Nick has cured her diva-ish ways.

A source said: “Mariah had planned an incredibly lavish do – with white doves, a pink carpet, thousands of orchids and a huge wedding breakfast banquet.

“She’d also booked the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel, where Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas held their nuptials. That wouldn’t have come cheap – and she’d have to pay exorbitant cancellation fees.

“Everything down to the song choice – she wanted to perform and dedicate a number to Nick – had been arranged.

“Nick loves Mariah for who she is and doesn’t give a toss about showbiz antics. He wanted them to get married asap, with no fuss.

“And Mariah was happy to go with the flow. For once, she is under the thumb and besotted. She just wants to make her man happy.

“Friends are joking that if they were a Shakespeare play, they’d be the Taming Of The Shrew – ‘Mariah the diva’ is no more!”