Jennifer Aniston thinks John Mayer is a better lover than Brad Pitt, Vince Vaughn

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston has told friends John Mayer is a better lover than her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

The former ‘Friends’ actress, 39, is reportedly more impressed by her sex life with Mayer than with previous partners Vince Vaughn and Brad Pitt.

A source told the National Enquirer, “Jennifer is calling John the best ever lover.

“In fact, she can’t stop raving about his skills between the sheets – insisting the sex with him is way better than it was with Brad during their four-and-a-half-year marriage.”

Jennifer’s romance with the ‘No Such Thing’ hitmaker is said to be helping her finally get over her 2005 divorce from Pitt.

“Only now, in John’s arms, does she look even close to finally putting Pitt in the past tense,” added the source.

John Mayer’s ex-girlfriends are also full of praise for the singer.

“His body actually is a wonderland,” one former lover was overheard saying.


  • Loco

    What is she a 17 year old boy bragging about how good someone is in bed? She is almost 40 years old! Time to grow up and go into therapy to help get over Brad.

  • http://gawker Olivia

    She should just get over it. By her constantly commenting regarding Brad Pitt just shows she is not over him. He has moved on with his family and has never made any comment regarding Jennifer or their split. Brad Pitt has been a complete gentleman where Jennifer Aniston is concerned and she should follow his example, she’s the one the blew it to be a “movie star”.

  • Sammy Jo

    She needs to get a life and move on..every damn news that comes out with her, she has something nasty to say about Brad Pitt. I mean for pets sakes..get a life and act your age. your getting old!. And if you did had a heart for Brad you wont say such childesh stuff about the man you’d once loved. He wanted a family but you put money and fame first. Com’on, He’s happy and now have a beautiful family and a stunnin’ lady to give him all the love and hapiness he ever wanted.So stop bad mouting Brad and any of you Ex’s. That just goes to show you that you still have feelings for him and that deep down in your empty soul, you knew you blew’d it..Grrrrrrr!!!! Grow Up Jen!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    While everyone says ” she should stop commenting on him,” she never provided a direct quote and this is all hearsay. Don’t assume because it’s written it’s true.

  • JolieRulz

    I have no respect for Jennifer at all. She bad mouthed about her exes & even Brad Pitt! The guy if by all mean cheated on her for Angie has never spoken bad of her at all. A person can only leave a marriage for many reasons. If she thinks Mayer is better than Brad then i think she has many shortcomings & prepare for another heartache. Grow up & move on. Angie may not perfect but she is a beautiful woman and doesn’t surround herself with “Hollywood” friends. My respect to her & Brad!

  • Lo K

    Of course Brad has never said anything nasty about her, he was the one who did wrong and he KNOWS it! I’ll be PO at my hubby 4ever if he does the same to me. Pls don’t tell me that you wouldn neither!!!

  • whatever

    She is acting like a little kid. Wonder what she will be saying when this tool dumps her like Brad did.