Angelina Jolie Keeps Pregnancy Diary

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Angelina Jolie has been keeping a secret diary throughout the duration of her pregnancy in order to remember every last detail and emotion.

The diary is said to be “so intimate” not even partner Brad Pitt is aware of its contents.

A source reveals, “While she’s been stuck on bed rest, Angelina is writing down all the changes she’s going through psychically and emotionally.

“This journal is very special to her and she’s keeping it private, even from Brad. She said that maybe she’ll let him see it one day, but for now it’s just for her. She needs to have an outlet where she can vent — sometimes about Brad!”

Angelina, who is already a mother to four children, has been overwhelmed by emotion during this pregnancy — her second.

The source adds to the National Enquirer magazine, “She’s constantly worrying about bringing the twins to full term and even has a huge calendar on the wall where she marks off everyday.

“She desperately wants them to be as close to term as possible.

“The whole family feels very caged in. It’s a hothouse of emotion and anticipation, and Brad keeps doing what Angie calls a ‘bolt’, where he takes off. They had words the other day because Brad was going somewhere on his own and she screamed ‘Are you doing another bolt?’”

Pitt’s last ‘bolt’ was on June 18, when he flew to Milan for a Radiohead concert, and stayed overnight at pal George Clooney’s Lake Como villa before returning to their family home in the South of France on June 20.

And that’s the sort of thing Jolie vents about in her diary, says the source. “She has days when she’s so annoyed with him, but then she says how bad she feels for being such a bitch!

“Angie jokes in the journal that she’s ready for her twins to ‘just come out and get it over with’.

“She’s still totally amazed that she’s having twins. She daydreams in her journal about how they’ll look and how they’ll sound and worries about whether they’ll be healthy.”

The Tomb Raider star yesterday checked into a Nice, France hospital where she will remain until she gives birth.