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Robin Williams ‘Nearly Choked on Balloon’

ROBIN Williams almost choked to death on a balloon while filming his new show The Crazy Ones. The funnyman accidentally swallowed a balloon he’d been playing with on the set of his hit show, but cast and crew assumed he was just joking! “Robin was playing around with…read more

Robin Williams Gives “Snowballs” on TV Show Set

ROBIN Williams is one cool guy! The actor apparently felt so sorry for the male crew members on the set of his new CBS series The Crazy Bones — who have to work on location in LA in 100-degree heat — that he bought them all groin-chilling underwear…read more

Sarah Michelle Gellar Obsessed With Robin Williams

SARAH Michelle Gellar is growing close to her new TV costar Robin Williams — and her husband isn’t happy! The actress — who’s married to Freddie Prinza Jr. — stars alongside Robin in the CBS comedy The Crazy Ones, premiering Sept. 26. Sarah and Robin play the father-and-daughter…read more

Robin Williams Furious With Lance Armstrong

ROBIN Williams isn’t happy with pal Lance Armstrong. Sources say Robin was stunned when the cycling legend confessed to using performance-enhancing drugs in a bombshell interview. “Robin’s tried to wrap his head around it and he can’t,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer. “He feels completely…read more

Robin William Has it in For Ferrets

ROBIN Williams hates ferrets. The 60-year-old actor — who voice two characters in his latest movie Happy Feet Two — acknowledges that some people view the creatures as “loveable weasels” but he is not a fan of them and insists they do very little except bite. “The ferret…read more

Robin Williams Humbled by Heart Surgery

ROBIN Williams says undergoing heart surgery was “humbling”. The 60-year-old actor had the aortic valve of a cow fitted by surgeons three years ago to correct a problem and says his brush with death has made him live life to the full. “I’ve been given a second chance…read more

Robin Williams Mistaken For Bono

ROBIN Williams often gets mistaken for Bono by drunk fans. The 60-year-old actor was recently approached by a man in Paris who thought he was the 51-year-old U2 singer, but it only happens when people have taken “a lot of medication” or are “completely s**tfaced”. “I had a…read more

Robin Williams Has Disco Phobia

ROBIN Williams is so bad at dancing his new wife Susan Schneider has to take the lead. The Hollywood actor — who revealed his marriage is “going well” since the couple tied the knot last month — admits the graphic designer takes on the male role on the…read more

Robin Williams: ‘Darth Vader Made me Famous’

ROBIN Williams says he has Darth Vader to thank for his long career in Hollywood. The Dead Poets Society star says Star Wars played an unlikely role in providing his big break on hit show Happy Days. “Happy Days creator Garry Marshall‘s kid saw Star Wars, and he…read more

Robin Williams Dishes on Married Life

ROBIN Williams is taking his third marriage each day as it comes. The 60-year-old actor tied the knot with Susan Schneider last month and while he says they’re very happy together, he knows not to take anything for granted. “Well, I’m certainly not having a mid-life crisis. I…read more