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Tina Fey Talks 30 Rock Season Six!!!

TINA Fey is dishing on the new season of 30 Rock! The actress says season six of the show — in which she plays TV producer Liz Lemon — stars James Marsden and Denise Richards. “Liz has got this good thing going on with a nice new gentleman…read more

Tina Fay Scraps All-Juice Diet

TINA Fey has scrapped her all-juice diet after an allergic reaction to the healthy treats caused her lips to swell up. The actress — who plays Liz Lemon on 30 Rock — gave birth to daughter Penelope last August and has struggled to lose her baby weight. So…read more

Tina Fey Keen For More 30 Rock!

TINA Fey wants to make another season of 30 Rock! Despite past predictions to the contrary from actor Alec Baldwin, the cast — including Baldwin — are ready and willing to show up for another round of the hit show. “We’re all ready to come back if NBC…read more

Tina Fey Welcomes Second Child

TINA Fey has become a mother for a second time. The 30 Rock actress — who already has a five-year-old daughter, Alice, with composer husband Jeffrey Richmond — gave birth to a baby girl on Wednesday, her representative confirmed to People magazine. The couple have called their new…read more

Tina Fey Wants a Break!

TINA Fey won’t get much time to herself once her second child arrives. The actress says although NBC says they’ll hold the next season of 30 Rock until January, she’s “hoping to have a little bit of a breather before the season starts.” “Every year there’s something,” she…read more

Tina Fey: ‘Talent is Not Sexually Transmittable’

TINA Fey says young comics shouldn’t sleep with someone just because they’re funny. The 30 Rock star — who’s pregnant with her second child — made her comments in the new issue of Self magazine when asked what advice she’d give to a 25-year-old. “Trust your gut. Anything…read more

Tina Fey to Replace Lorne Michaels on SNL?

TINA Fey could be heading back to Saturday Night Live – permanently. Sources say NBC bosses want the 30 Rock star to replace exec producer Lorne Michaels when he retires from the show he created in 1975. “The execs feel no one’s better qualified to take over the…read more

Tina Fey Wanted to Breastfeed

TINA Fey felt like a failure when couldn’t breastfeed her baby. When the 30 Rock actress gave birth to her daughter Alice in September 2005 she wanted to nurse her but couldn’t produce enough milk naturally and admits she found the experience tough. Tina — who is pregnant…read more

Tina Fey Thinks Career Will End

TINA Fey worries that her career won’t last forever. The actress-and-screenwriter is aware of the cut-throat nature of showbusiness and fears she could have the same fate as other stars whose careers are now “over”. “You cannot count on showbusiness to be interested in you forever and ever,”…read more

Tina Fey Talks 30 Rock! Funny Woman Tina Fey Insists Alec Baldwin Will Return Next Season

TINA Fey knows how Alec Baldwin‘s mind works! During a recent Q&A for her new book Bossypants, the Hollywood funnywoman discussed Baldwin’s declaration that he’s leaving their sitcom 30 Rock next year when his contract is up. “Him saying he’s officially done is the first indication that he’s…read more