Rosie O’Donnell Tweets Her Love For Donald Trump During 3rd Presidential Debate


Ok, so maybe a bit of a misleading title, but we all know the hate is pure between Rosie O’Donnell and Presidential hopeful Donald J Trump.

Last night during the 3rd and final debate, Rosie gave us the gift of a real time Twitter discussion as you can see below:

O’Donnell continued by calling Trump “cray cray” and criticizing the performance of Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who served as the debate’s moderator (said to be the best yet by most of the United States):

O’Donnell then let lose several more nasty little tweets before the debate was over, repeatedly criticizing Trump for his pro-Second Amendment positions on firearms and alternately calling him a “delusional human being,” a “delusional turd” and a “stupid rich asswipe.”

Several other high profile Democratic celebs claiming “I’m With Her” had some nice things to say about Mr. Trump as well:

Someone seems to be happy with all this hate in the world.