Kim Kardashian Attributes Career To Social Media? While Most Believe It All Started With Her Sex Tape!


Kim Kardashian had done a 60min interview prior to her robbery in Paris.

As we all know, Kim has gone cricket mode on social media ever since the robbery “scared her to the core”.

In the interview Kim says that the attributes her successful career to social media. Many though on social media are calling out Kim claiming that what launched her to stardom, was nothing more than the racy sex tape leaked with her at the time boyfriend Ray J.

We here at Showbiz Spy have our own feeling on the situation. Yes, we know that Kim was nothing more than Paris Hilton’s sidekick and good friend of Joe Francis up until the point of her sex tape leaking on purpose. However, think about this… There are hundreds of celebrity sex tapes out there, and none of them have been able to create the enormous financial empire that Kim Kardashian has over the years. So is she right in claiming that she should “attribute” her career to social media? Yes and No.

Many have tried, yet Kim has been the only one that has succeeded in creating a marketing empire on the Kardashians scale. So let’s give her a break ;)