When will these people learn… Now, Huffington Post has removed access to contributor Sharika Soal after she falsely claimed the entire Paris, France robbery was “a publicity stunt gone horribly wrong”.

This of course is not the first or the last of the lawsuits filed against several media outlets. If you remember we contacted our Kim Kardashian insider of the post done by MediaTakeOut, looking for comment, and shortly there after her attorneys shot off a cease and desist letter on the false reporting. The the owner of the site many call MediaFakeOut tried to squirm out of his lawsuit, claiming… “well others are reporting the same thing. We will take it down immediately though” lol

We talked with our people at the Post, and they are telling us: “She was a freelance contributor, and those posts are automatically approved to go live. The minute we found out about the article she posted about Kim Kardashian, we removed her access and took down the post immediately. As you know, we followed the legal protocol on these type of situations perfectly.”

So now just a few of the tabloids that have been sent removal notices or lawsuits include… Star, People, National Enquirer, Hollywoodlife, MediaTakeOut and now HuffPost.

Come on people, lets get back to solid, investigative reporting. ;)

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