Kim Kardashain Attorneys Let MediaTakeOut Owner Fred Mwangaguhunga Off The Hook


Kim Kardashian has chained back up her attorneys for now in the Kim Kardashian lawsuit that was sent over to the owner Fred Mwangaguhunga of MediaTakeOut, better known as MediaFakeOut for constantly posting fake stories as click bait.

The news came down yesterday, after MediaTakeOut removed all posts claiming the robbery was an inside job, with the knowledge that the posts where nothing more than made up crap with no evidence otherwise.

MediaTakeOut’s founder Fred Mwangaguhunga released the following statement: “MediaTakeOut regrettably published a series of false stories about Kim Kardashian, suggesting she faked the robbery in Paris, lied to authorities and then filed a $5.6 million fraudulent insurance claim for her stolen jewelry. MediaTakeOut knows that Mrs. Kardashian West was in fact robbed in Paris. We are pleased that this matter has been resolved to satisfaction of all the parties.”

ShowbizSPy reached out to Kim’s attorneys, however they have not yet returned our phone calls.