Amber Heard has sent her lawyers back on the attack of Johnny Depp’s estate, after feeling like she was screwed in the original deal.

The original deal had Johnny Depp pay $7M in cash to Heard which he did almost immediately, and Amber was satisfied, and signed the paperwork after their 1 year rocky relationship.

Johnny’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, says Amber’s move is “a blatant attempt to extend her fifteen minutes of fame” and “an embarrassing grab for additional and unwarranted attorney’s fees.” Amber is also asking to reopen the $7 million settlement.

This is not the first time Amber has been a total nut job, as during the original proceedings, she tried to accuse Johnny of abuse, then refused to go under oath on all of her claims in fear of the court backlash if found un-true.

There is also the rumors of the Amber Heard sex tape videos, that she made with other men she has been with in the past… of course a fact as we all know from the ICloud hack. More importantly, there is the talk that she may try and blackmail Johnny with sexual videos that she claims to have.

Showbiz Spy reached out to our original source when the divorce first went down and he is telling us that “this is yet again nothing more than crazy Amber doing her thing to try and stay in the media and hurt/take advantage of a great big hearted man. This bitch even continues to try and play at his emotions, just a nasty person who uses her looks to try and get what she wants out of people.”

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    At least someone writes the truth about this psycho Narc Sociopath. She is a total embarrassment!

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    thank you for this article-the first one I’ve seen unbiased towards Heard :)

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    Cant say I disagree with her characterization in this article

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    “…nut job…” LMAO!! Finally hearing it said in print!!!

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    Lol this article is spot on